Camp Lake (Carson Chronicles Book 5)

Camp Lake (Carson Chronicles Book 5)

Author: John A. Heldt
Genre: Time- travel/ family/ romance
Series: Carson Chronicles #5
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Phoenix, Spring 1983. For the Carsons, five siblings from the present day, it has come down to this. Find the parents they have chased through time for more than a few decades, I can say that because the group has been in 1889, 1918, 1943, 1962. Now, 1983 is where the kids hope to meet with their parents. Since River Rising, I have seen a lot of near misses, and to be honest I cannot wait to reunite the family.

Since 1889, the Carson family has grown into a sizable lot. They are no longer amatuers in time- traveling, but they are quite weary. You can hear it in the tone of Caitlin and Cody, who cannot wait to see their parents. In Camp Lake, the family doubles their search efforts. The parents, Caroline and Tim are still searching, but now they worry if they will ever hold their kids any more.

History in 1983

While there are no interesting tidbits of history unlike Indian Paintbrush (this was during World War 2), Camp Lake is unique because it is more family history. The kids are focusing on looking for their parents, and they narrow their searches down to places mom and dad has been. So Nick and Natalie focuses on honeymoon spots, the Twins go to camp. Going to camp with their young adult parents is never a good idea, but I get it: someone has to watch out right?

Like all the previous books, Camp Lake has a romance side to it. This time it is Cody who gets to find his soul mate. I can totally say that, because the book is romance to the max. I have to say that Cody is indeed a romantic bloke at heart.

Love in Carson Chronicles

Basically, Carson family has a lot of love to go around. It is not easy being with your siblings through thick and thin, harder when you have a crisis at hand. I admire the strength and the tenacity of the family, which lends a lot of structure to the stories. From Adam to Cody, everyone places a part in looking for their parents, and no one seems to be shirking from duty. It is hard not to give up hope, when you have been time hopping that much. You have to watch your back, and plan for the future. There are a lot of tough decisions, but I am glad that this incident makes them stronger as a family.


Of course I am going to say read the series! It has been such an adventure travelling not only around America, but different time lines as well. I have learnt a lot about America, places and history. Totally a fan of John Heldt’s time travelling series, I think he’s got it down pat.

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