Capturing the Devil

Capturing the Devil
Author: Kerri Maniscalco
Genre: Murder mystery, romance, historical
Series: Stalking Jack the Ripper #4
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Capturing the Devil

If you haven’t read Stalking Jack the Ripper, you have to! Though I will not be surprised if this comes in a box set one day, perhaps I will buy the whole set to appease myself, who knows? I am not a buyer, usually a borrower. Capturing the Devil is the last of the series, and I will miss Audrey Rose and Thomas dearly. Well, their banter is something to remember, but in this book Audrey seems to be lackluster.

It starts when both Thomas and Audrey Rose finds a body that reminds them of the Jack Ripper killings back in London, that’s why you have to read the books in order. The author, Kerri Maniscalco has gotten a lot better since her first one, and it was already good.


Back to Audrey Rose and Thomas, the power duo that lets nothing in the world stop them, not even a crazy Duke! The pair continues to banter and throw innuendo at each other.

Liza, Audrey’s cousin provides a more intimate view on their relationship as a viewer. She and Daziana (Thomas’ sister) frequently jest about how Audrey Rose and Thomas act when they think no one is looking. Since this is the final book, I am excited for the progression of their relationship.

Other family members make up for the cast of the book. The Villain is someone that they have to find, before the body count goes up.


What happens when the first book is wrong?

That’s what went through my mind when the murders mimic Jack the Ripper’s modus operandi in Capturing the Devil. Audrey second guesses herself and then finds evidence that she may have gotten it wrong. So because of her mistake, the killings in America may have been done by the real Jack the Ripper. I know that we have come a full circle since, but it is a fitting end to a mystery worth solving.

Apart from girls disappearing and reappearing dead, Audrey Rose and Thomas face the prospect of being separated forever. I do not know which is worse, though Audrey seems to think not catching the killer takes the cake.


A fitting end and a great farewell to the characters of the book. I am happy with how it ends and truly hope that Kerri will write more in the future. Her gothic and dark humor is witty, while the mystery elements are hard to guess. Well… it’s not hard to guess who did it, but how it’s done that makes me guessing.

If you love mystery and good witty romance, definitely read this.


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