Catching on Life

Catching on Life

I haven’t been posting much, because it’s too darn cold and Life gets in the way somehow! Adelaide’s been raining and freezing. Since electricity is expensive, sometimes it’s easier to just to to bed for the night. Hence this is why I haven’t been gaming or updating my posts. I should, because I do miss writing. I also have a kid who refuses to go to bed on time…

Update on: Sekiro

I am at the final boss! Actually, I have been stuck here for a week now. This is a revolting boss because there are 4 stages and if you die you have to start all over from stage 1 again. It is a pain, but Sekiro is quite good at training patience and focus. I just wish that it is not as punishing. I have spent a good part of my life trying to finish this darn game. Hopefully by next year XD. Of course I can just watch Youtube and get the ending, but there’s something about this game that draws me back. Sekiro has a good backstory, and you get to make some decisions that affect the game. There are 4 game endings for this game: Shura or the bad ending, two normal endings (you die or your master dies) and the best ending where neither actually dies.

And if you are playing, be sure to practice breathing.

Piano Concert

Last weekend was Prince Brat’s piano concert. He’s done pretty well, confident and I am proud of that. It is not easier performing in a crowd after all, and I am glad he gets the opportunity to experience this type of performance. Stage performance is always a good skill in life, not only for confidence, but also managing fear. The only problem I had, was the Calvin’s still 3 years old. Whoever wrote the script forgot the fact that Calvin’s been doing piano for 3 years… and somehow announced that Calvin is 3.

It is kinda funny, because he looks nothing like a 3 year old!

That’s all Folks!

I will update soon. I promise

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