Cellnique Snow Lotus Splash

Cellnique Snow Lotus Splash

This is one of the free gifts that I got from Sasa, all thanks to the multiple things that I buy during my trip back to Malaysia. The Snow Lotus Splash is made in Korea, from a brand name Cellnique. The only place to buy it online is thru their website. The cost is USD 15 per box of ten, which is not expensive.

It does have a cool cover at the front.

Some cool looking ingredients

The reason why they call this the Snow Lotus Splash, is the snow lotus extract. The extract ranks pretty high in the ingredient’s list. Apparently it is a anti- aging agent, although I have not used it before. There are not many masks that uses snow lotus, as now they prefer collagen and peptides. Arginine is the peptide of choice in the mask, which actually is famous for the wrinkle smoothing properties.

Aside from Lavender, Bergamot, Peppermint and rosemary lends an extra hand to the antioxidative strength in the mask. Allantoin is the moisturiser and hydrating part for the mask. The mask is the ever new Tencel mask, so it soaks up plenty.

Interestingly, the mask is white and slimy and not thin and liquidy like most masks are. The mask barely drips when I bring it out from the package, and barely any liquid in the packet. When I put it on, there’s a cooling feeling, presumably from the peppermint.

Good Results!

I am loving the mask, mainly because it hydrates and it can lock the moisture in the skin. Look at my skin, it’s glowing! Ignore the eye bags, I have been not feeling 100%, the brats are suffering from a cold, and cleaning up puke during midnight can be a downer.

For what it is and what it costs, I think it is a reasonable price for something that works. We have seen a few expensive masks that lasts just as long. Since this works well, I am comfortable suggesting that you think about getting this if you see it.


I’m not going to do a lengthy review for this nail colour by TBN (Total Beauty Network). The brand is vegan and cruelty free, and I got this at AUD 2.95.

The name of the nail colour is Queen of Hearts. There are little hearts in the bottle, and it is pink with glitter. While it looks really pretty, the nail colour peels off easily after a few days. They have a large range of colour, and if you are looking for vegan and cruelty free colours, they are great.

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