Chameleon by Zoe Kalo

Author: Zoe Kalo
Genre: Young Adult, Horror

Chameleon is a metaphor

The book is titled so as a metaphor, as we know that it is an animal that could change its color. The title and cover does not tell you much about the story, while the synopsis serves to reel you in even more. From the summary, you know that Paloma was kicked out of school for trying to hold a seance.

Then what?

At the new setting: an ancient convent that Paloma was placed to rehabilitate her back to her Christian roots. Being ancient means there are bound to be a few ghosts and skeletons somewhere. Soon enough, Paloma experienced an event that made her hold another seance. By now, you (I did) would be rolling your eyes and wonder if this was a real horror. Well, I put it in the young adult section, because it was more thrilling than horrifying for me.

Paloma is a great heroine, she’s strong and inquisitive, totally the type of girl you want as a friend. The problem with Chameleon, is that it is placed in a convent. Its greatest strength is also its weakness, having one less aspect to draw upon in the genre. Despite that, the book managed to charm with friendship and a mystery.


Chameleon by Zoe Kalo was a good book, but probably not her best work Share on X

Having read some of her other works, Chameleon fell short for me. I liked the girls surrounding the story, they all have secrets and it is amazing how Zoe managed to make me question everything initially. By the third chapter, the charm had worn off, it was easy to see where the story is going, so that was disappointing for me.

Plus, the whole plot was a bit amateurish for someone of her caliber, which adds to my chagrin. In the end, even though I enjoyed the book and how it went, I decided not to recommend this book. Zoe Kalo could do better, and she had done better as well.

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