Changeling (Six Stories Series #3)

Author: Matt Wesolowski
Series: Six Stories Series Book 3
Genre: Mystery, thriller
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Changeling attracts me for a lot of wrong reasons, not only the creepy cover is simple yet tells a lot. The synopsis tells of a disappearance of a child: Alfie Marsden in 1988, his father is distraught. The boy is never found and years a later, Scott King brings it up again in his Six Stories Podcast. The mystery starts with a letter.

The Podcast talks about fairies and Wentshire Forest and its witch, along with interviews with people. Changeling starts with the stories about Wentshire Forest and its myth.

Story: Changeling

Six stories has six people that Scott King interviews, mostly linked to the disappearance of Alfie Marsden in 1988. Each episode is scarier than the last, but more confusing as the book goes. Initially Scott talks a lot about fairies and odd occurrences.

Then part way, without actually changing pace, the story changes its tone into some sort of thriller/ mystery. The people he talks to focus more on Alfie’s dad Sorrel. The tone becomes more sinister and I start to question if this book is more about fantasy or it’s some mind thriller thing.


Even though this is a series, each a different story as a standalone. I was very amazed at how well the story weaves between real and fantasy. If you love a good mystery that really plays with your head, Changeling is supernatural, it is mind boggling and so hard to put down.

I am totally suggesting that you read Changeling, but only because this is my first Matt Wesolowski book.

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