Charmzone Midnight Special Cream

Charmzone Midnight Special Cream


I got this from a friend, who actually gave me this with no strings attached with an eye cream. While I am eternally grateful, Here is the links if you want to buy some for yourself or a family for Chrissy.

Charmzone Midnight Special Cream or Amazon

Having seen the price tags, I am shocked. Well, I know that this is not cheap, because of the jar that it is in. Sometimes you can tell roughly just by the packaging. As you can see, it is glass, but there is quite a decent amount of cream.

A blurry picture

This jar is made in Korea, and weights 50g. Judging by the size, I could have sworn it’s more. This is pretty hard to get in stores, my friend got this from her mother in law. I know, but she said it was better than letting it sit in the cupboard forever.

About Charmzone Midnight Special Cream

First look, there is a pink tinge to it. After searching around, I found out that Charmzone has a few more selections in the range. Ebay is also cheaper than Amazon.  As the name says, this is actually a night cream. For those who do not like thick and oily formulations, Charmzone’s night cream has a more gel like consistency.

What it claims to do, through certain websites, is that it nourishes and locks in moisture. The midnight special cream also soothes and helps reduce signs of fatigued skin.


There is a reason why Koreans and Japanese have great skin, it is in the products that they use. Of course it may not be suitable for Australian or American climate, but that is just one aspect. You could layer this cream in between things that you would normally use. So it might be not as hydrating, but it does lock in moisture.

On of the more important routines, is that they use a lot of products. Because there is no one jar of miracle cream, you would have to use creams with different functions, and layer them out. It is time consuming, but if you see their skin, you would wonder if you should be spending that much time on your skin too.

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