Christine Feehan Back2Back Book Review

Christine Feehan’s Sea Haven Series Vs Dark Carpathian

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I read Sea Haven Series Air Bound, then I saw this and borrowed because I was on a roll! She writes many other series aside from the Dark Carpathian’s, but mostly the books are fantasy genre, romantic and definitely hot.


The Similarities

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Air Bound and Dark Carousel both have really macho males, the kind that to put it bluntly: chauvinistic to the core. Maxim Prakenskii and Tariq Asenguard may be born in different centuries, but bet your bottom dollar these two would be like annoyingly protective and macho when danger comes knocking.

Similarly, the female protagonist aren’t weak and waiting to be saved either. I like how Airiana Ridell (Air Bound) and Charlotte Vintage (Dark Carousel) frequently saving their men’s asses in various occasions. In Air Bound, Maxim kidnaps Airiana, because he was paid to. While moving to Dark Carousel, Tariq saw his lifemate courting danger.

The fighting scene in the book is more fun in Air Bound, because both Airiana and Maxim are air elements. While Tariq now enlists his brothers in blood to help fight against Vadim Malinov’s legion. By now, you can guess that both books are not that standalone. You do need to read the previous few books, and in case of the Dark Carpathian series, at least a few books back.


I wish I could say that she writes the same old story, so it lessens the pain of me writing this. But Christine Feehan is an experienced writer who knows what she is doing. She mixes in just enough of old and new to make me go back again and again, yet her stories make my eyes rolls.

Come on, can’t a girl initiate sex for once? Not that often if you are in her fantasy world, where either the guy starts it or somehow ignites into a flurry of passion. Burn baby burn! And worse, I cannot ever compete with the amount of orgasms the girls are having in one session. Some times I wish I’m in a fantasy world, where climaxing together is a common occurrence during sexual intercourse.

Oh yes, that is the reason I keep coming back. The story is nothing to crow about, however I like the one in Air Bound. If I have to pick a favorite Feehan series, it will either be the Drake Sisters or the Sea Haven series. Oh I did read all seven Drake Sisters book, Elle’s is my favorite by far. I will be looking forward to the next Sea Haven book, because I think the next sister is pretty sassy and snarky.

As for the Dark Carpathians, I still do not know why I keep borrowing it.

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    1. probably start with Drake sisters as the series has concluded. but if you are braving the Carpathians, I think there’s like 20+ books… Dark Prince is number 1… definitely that one first

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