Cold Heart

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Cold Heart

Cold Heart
Author: Sean-Paul Thomas
Genre: Crime Thrillers
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Cold Heart is interesting because the main character is not a hero, she’s a villian in her own story and she rightfully owns that title. Estelle is an assassin, serving mysterious powers that controls the world in the shadows.

After a successful stint, Estelle discovers that her sister is dead, drowned while swimming in the Clyde in Glasgow. Even estranged, her sister Gayle would not and could not have gone swimming.


Estelle “Cold Heart” Munroe left her past behind when she sent to jail for the deaths of her mother and step-father.  She works alone, trying to find clues to what really happened to her sister Gayle.

While there enemies and her employers, the only focus is on Estelle alone. The story touches on her husband and daughter, but they are mainly there for a back story.


Cold Heart flips between her past and present, in a third person’s point of view. As we follow Estelle along in her hunt, we realise that she is a strong person because circumstances made her so. Through her whole journey of doing her job to going to Glasgow without permission, we will learn much about Estelle.

She is ruthless, but her employers even more so. As she navigates through the mystery of her sister’s death, we can see that she has the determination to see things through. Her methods may be brutal, and at time unnecessary, but it results from her past.


I don’t read anti- heroes often, because some try to make you see their point of view. What’s the point of being an anti-hero if you cannot be proud of who you are? For Estelle, she wears the mantel of assassin proudly, like an armour.

She does not falter easily, and she understands her role in the world. For a person like her, you can only feel pity because you know that she deserves more and you can’t give it. The ending was a bit mind blowing for me, it’s a simple ending but it gives me a clear picture of her as a person.

Definitely read it if you are into bad guys/ girls =D


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