Review of : Collagen Drink versus Estee Lauder Perfectionist Pro

Review of : Collagen Drink versus Estee Lauder Perfectionist Pro

Here, there is a battle of the anti- aging myth. On one side, it is Nature’s Way’s Beauty Collagen. It has grape seed and vitamin E, taken internally to reduce appearance of wrinkles. The opponent: Estee Lauder’s Perfectionist Pro (buy link), where technology creates a topical serum you can apply twice a day. Both swear to firm and reduce wrinkles.

A word: I got the Collagen Drink from work at the reduced cost of $10 (it was 40% off). While the Perfectionist Pro was a trial team product. Just to also let you know that is to show you that these things differs between individuals as well.


Collagen Drink: Day 1


Oh yes, I look like a wreck. This was not an intentional thing, not like I purposely not sleep just to have this pretty eye bags.

This bottle of collagen can be taken once a day, which I did. The recommended dose is 10mL. I am not sure if you can get this brand, but it’s an Australian made brand.

Of course, there are a lot of other brands available in the market, Korea in particular seems to like creating various combinations of collagen drink.

Why collagen?

Mainly because it is what gives our skin the elasticity and the bounciness. As we age, the production reduces so our skin starts to sag and wrinkles start to deepen. While I myself think that this is a lot of bull. We will see what happens.

I mean, collagen is produced by the body, there is limited evidence that drinking collagen or its building blocks actually helps. Though, for $10 it was worth a try for me. Some of these drinks can be expensive.

The bottle lasted around a month, it is 500mL so around 50 days.

Estee Lauder Perfectionst Pro After

2018-04-13_08-43-47Wait a minute! Why am I making such a face?

Well, to show you my pretty wrinkles of course. As you can see from this semi- terrible picture, there is some improvement after drinking the drink,

This photo is taken around a week after I finished the Collagen Drink, so that it does not clash with me trying this Perfectionist Pro.

My eye bags are still dark and depressing as usual. My laugh lines are okay looking, forehead frown… not bad.

What do you think: did drinking the Collagen drink helped with my appearance of lines? Or was I wasting time and money drinking flavored water? The flavor was a nice apple taste, it does not taste bad.

It does look and taste like flavored syrup.

For the Perfectionist Pro, I had to apply this on my clean face twice a day. I also am not using any anti- aging creams after this one. For a change, I am sticking to just normal moisturizing types.

After all, how else would I compare?

Estee Lauder Perfectionist Pro After

I think the serum wasn’t really helping, which is why I enlisted the help of make up to make me look less haggard than I feel. To be honest? If I had to pay for this serum, I would be hesitant. Oh yes, it does help with my skin, even under make up, you can still note my smile lines there. The Perfectionist Pro might work rapidly as claimed, but the effect does not last long.

The twice a day is just to lift the skin, but after that my skin just sags back to normal. I am still using the bottle, so around three month’s worth give or take. I only use one or two pumps, so if you have the means, you can consider it. Although, for serum, I am still more partial to …

Clinique Repairwear Laser

I just find that this works for me, although the price tag is totally not for me.

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I keep falling for this “anti- aging” miracle wonders. I haven’t actually find one that works its magic yet, but I am not sure if I will give up looking. A lot of people might tell me to age gracefully, and wrinkles are a sign of wisdom. But I am a “I need all the preservatives I can get” kind of girl.

I mean, I cannot be like Queen Levana from Cinder with glamour, or have Atticus Iron Druid’s Immortali- Tea. It would be nice to look like time does not leave any creases on my skin and hands. I haven’t tried SKII, but with that price tag, I doubt I would be able to for a while.

Things That Surprisingly Works so far…

At the moment, I find that 24/7 Freezeframe’s Double Scoop Ice cream works, as well as Clarin’s Double Serum. Not so sure about my LED mask, but the snail slime and gold masks are okay for their price. If you are terrified of wrinkles like me, I am sure that you have some interesting products in your regime that helps.

As for massage, I find that a good serum is still important as a carrier. Massaging without an oil can drag your skin and cause more wrinkles, hence it is no good without an additional product. It is hard to say that massage helps with wrinkles, because is it because of your product/ oil or is it because of the motion? Though there is no harm in draining those lymph nodes, and exercising those tiny muscles.

Any other things to preserve my youth without sacrificing virgins? Let me know down below.

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