Committed (Oaktown Girls Book 2)

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Author: Suzanne Falter
Series: Oaktown Girls 2
Genre: LGBQT, romance
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Are you committed?

The book comes slightly after Driven, but it starts with a stranger: Sally. A few pages later, we know that she’s slumping on Tenika and Delilah’s couch. It doesn’t take long before the old cast is back, so it’s better to read Driven first. Following last book, Lizzy and Kate’s paradise is being shaken; Tenika and her long term partner Delilah is facing some serious health scare.

But the cover though, it is simplistic, but tells a lot about the book. Even the roughest, most insensitive, or “tough” girls will want softness and love. Committed is more about staying in a relationship than falling in love, which is crucial if you want ever after.

Real Versus Fantasy

Committed is more of a real life love story than a fantasy/ Snow White type story. While we all wish to have a Prince (or Princess) Charming, reality is once the magic wears off, we have to face life and its problems. While Lizzy has to content with her lover Kate moving out, Tenika now struggles with her opinion about marriage.

Then we also have a newbie in town: Frankie. She’s a police officer, but some odd reason she doesn’t want to tell people that she’s in law enforcement. Things get interesting when she tries to go on dates with Tarsha and Sally (not the same time of course).

Let’s not forget Mindy Rose! She’s still very much the villain in the series. But somehow her craziness takes a backseat when it comes to all the relationship problems between the couples.


I am a bigger fan of Driven, just because it has a lot more funny aspects then Committed. This is more of a feel good love story than one that’s full of action and love. Sometimes I think we do need to have a reminder, love is not always about big gestures. Overall, Committed is slightly slower in pace, but I can’t wait for the next instalment in the series.

Update in Life

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