Comparing BB Creams : Laneige Versus Rimmel

Comparing BB Creams : Laneige Versus Rimmel


The Laneige BB Cream (buy here) and the Rimmel Radiance (buy here) are from two different price points. I got the Rimmel in a gift/ goodie bag while the Laneige I got my mom to buy it duty free in the Malaysian Airlines In- flight shop.  Aside from the price, the Laneige is a BB cushion at 0.5 oz per compact (mine came in a refill for AUD 50 after conversion); the Rimmel is 1 fluid ounce for AUD 14. If you are just comparing the price, hands down for Rimmel.

What Else is different?

The Lanaige BB cushion is SPF 50+++, Rimmel is a measly SPF 20. But if you have read my past post, that means nothing! It is not like you are going to apply the required amount for the SPF as printed. Let’s not worry about that, remember to keep using sunscreen. The BB cushion just says protect from sun damage, hides pores and prevents skin from oxidative damage. Rimmel went all out and boast a 9 in 1 super makeup. It says things like moisture for 24 hours, conceals blemishes, perfect match etc. Honestly, I have a hard time believing that. I mean, I’m just paying AUD 14, and it is a stretch to buy into that marketing tone right?

Any Different?

I am not sure if you can tell from this stupid/ shitty photo. One side is Rimmel and the other is … BB cushion. Comparing shades: I think my BB cushion number 21 is better match for Rimmel’s greyish tone. Let’s not blame Rimmel for that, I mean it is for people with cooler tones. I am a warm yellow ( I believe?) on my face, and the blue undertone just makes me appear grey. Laneige though, is happily more suitable for my skin tone. One of the rare Korean brands that carries a yellow undertone. Even though Rimmel says that it covers up pores and blemishes, it is not very convincing on the photo. I can see my pores still… well.. for both anyway.

What else can we compare? Longevity!

3 hours, is how long the Rimmel BB Cream lasted. Laneige can last a whole day outside, I sometimes wear it over my sun screen, nothing else. Even though it is half the amount of the Rimmel’s, it lasts just as long because it is a cushion foundation/ BB Cream. Most of the time I use it as a primer because I’m a lazy person, it holds up well and my make up does not slide as much. With the Rimmel, the greyish look is not flattering at all.


Why do people buy expensive stuff? Because it works quite well! Not saying that all that is expensive is great, but so far so good for me. I am not swearing by this BB cream, because I am sure that you can find good BB creams in store brands. Both products do not cause breakouts for me, although I do wash the cushion regularly. Oh that might be a negative for the Laneige, washing BB cushions… pain. Overall, I like the cushion for the thin layer of product, and you can add another layer for more coverage. Rimmel maybe cheaper, but I do not feel that it is a great product after using it. Plus it is not my skin tone anyway, so I can’t say I’m going to return to it.

What have I been Doing?

I promised myself that I would be posting more often. But guess what? Winter sucks! My Brats are sick again, King Brat is also suffering from coughs and sniffles. This winter has been quite crazy, if it was miserably cold all day long it would have been fine. Winter so far is freezing cold, cold, pleasantly cool and FREEZING! All in one day, so of course kids are sick! Can’t handle the shock you know!

We have a lot of stews and hotpots for dinner, which is good because I love lazy food (chuck everything in and boil it to death!! Muuahahaha)


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