Cooking is a Brain Draining Exercise : Cook book Reviews

Cooking Kills Brain Cells!

Don’t you think cooking is overrated? All that time needed to prepare a wholesome and healthy meal for the family is a chore for me personally. Prince Brat does not like to eat home meals, while Princess Brat hates fast food. I have returned to work part time, so cooking requires more planning nowadays. Good news is, with winter, stews tastes better overnight. Plus you can stew roasted meat for extra flavor, mix it up a little.

Anyway, I have got 2 cook books from Netgalley that I want to tell you about!

First of all: Cooking for Ketogenic diet beginners

The Beginner’s KetoDiet Cookbook
Author:  Martina Slajerova
Paperback: Amazon/ B&N

I have talked about going into a ketogenic diet with fasting and eating differently, read my attempt here. This book was offered to me via Netgalley, which I am thankful for. While I like the book very much, it has really yummy alternatives to carbohydrate based meals; it is not feasible.

Cooking for a family of 4 is expensive, let’s face it. Cheaper than eating out in Australia, still more expensive than a meal at McDonald’s or KFC. The ingredients that the book uses will push my budget over by 30%, if not more. The raw ingredients cost money, hence not really financially feasible if you are cooking differently.

But I love the book, pictures look mouth- watering. While I will adapt some recipes to suit my budget more, I will not be attempting most of the recipes in the book. Cost is the main issue, time is another. Not going to spend too much time cooking up a storm with a Princess dragging my feet at EVERY SINGLE STEP!

Seriously, she’s the reason why I am fat. She’ cute… but usually loves saying: mama, aaaa (just open your mouth and let me feed you!!) Though when it comes to candy…

Hurry! Eat it before mommy asks to share

Buddha Bowls for Lazy Times

Author: Kelli Foster
Buy from: Amazon ; B&N

Buddha Bowl gained traction in 2017, but the interest for that kind of food is not waning anytime soon. Look at the picture, and you would understand why this might appeal to some. Similar to Hawaiian’s Poké Bowl, Buddha Bowl is more loosely with food selection. The good thing about the bowl revolution, is that this is easy to assemble.

The problem is the prep, it requires slightly more effort on the prep department. For people who have to go to work, Buddha Bowl can be packed into a container or a mason jar (if you are that fancy) and reheated at work place. The book features three meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner. It also touches healthy grains, vegan selections and many more. Honestly, I haven’t done any of the Buddha Bowl recipe yet.

You would be surprised to hear that laziness is the reason why. Like I mentioned, the preparation time is one that is dragging me down. To achieve this level of attractiveness requires fine cutting skills and 30 minutes of focus. Unless I start cooking at 12am, it ain’t gonna happen.

If you are looking for healthy eating that is in a place, does not have to be in a bowl, Buddha Bowl is for you. It is healthy, and you can adapt it to any diet that you are on. For example, you can switch to shiritake noodles or konjac noodles for a keto diet, or add cauliflower rice to up your vegetable intake. Easy right?

Cooking is One Effort that is Worth it

I will be teaching my kids how to cook, at the moment Prince is on dish duty. Recently he has been making aeroplane jelly with supervision, because he wants to and I think it’s good that he is taking an interesting in the kitchen. Anyway, remember that I said Prince Brat is fussy and hates eating?

Some of you may tell me to let him help me with the cooking, and he might eat the stuff he prepared. I am here to tell you, that did not work. He cooked bacon, and proceeded to push them to me. It is little wonder why I am wobbly like jelly. Kids, making moms fat since forever.


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