Coschedule’s HeadlineStudio Can Help You *Insert Awesome Title here*

I have been trying out the HeadlineStudio by CoSchedule, mainly because my headlines are pretty bad. So when I stumbled across this Headline Analyzer, my first thought was, why not? It can’t get any worse than the generic ones that I am using now away. My current review is for the free version, which has nice features. We know the importance of the first sentence of a title. How many times have we clicked on a Youtube video that promises a lot in their headline, only to find that we have fallen into clickbait content?

Since I have a blog, I figured I should try out something that could help me create an interesting line that attracts attention without looking too spammy.

The HeadlineStudio Extention/ Website / Wp Plugin

I have tried all 3 and I prefer the website. However, if you are using, the plugin is also helpful. The headline in this review only has a score of 78 on the website. You can see the extension pop-up in the picture below. With a small yellow logo on the far right corner of the headline field. Aside from telling me the score, the WordPress plugin cannot offer more productive advice regarding improvements.

Moving on to the Website, after you create a Headline, click on the Reanalyze. I got a score but the suggestions are only for upgraded accounts only. They include word and character count, which affects how well things read. As with good one-liners, CoSchedule understands that importance of words with emotions and the sentiment it conveys. The checker also tells you if your headline is generic or specific to a type of post

For Example:

Headline type for “5 ways bloggers can use Headline Studio to create a line that attracts readers” is a List in the Headline Type. While this does not interest me much, because the clarity and readability of the title is more important.

How To Use?

It is easy, but they have a video tutorial if you need some ideas. If you are constantly stuck on generating good headlines like I do, the suggestions window would be amazing. The only issue is that you have to upgrade. For me, I don’t mind typing up various headlines to get a better score. It takes some time, but it is good practice for me. Practice makes perfect, and HeadlineStudio will help nudge me towards a better score, one lousy title at a time.

CoSchedule has a lot of tools for marketers. If you are not in charge of creating attention-seekers, that is okay. They have tools that help marketers plan and publish content to get maximum attraction with minimum effort. As for me, I learned a lot using the analyzer: common words, emotion and power words are just some tools they have on the website that I find helpful.

By the way, the ever popular book title Shadow and Bone scores only 35! Which is correct because I have seen it so often I can guess what’s going to happen next without reading it. I have tried it with a few extra titles, with non-fiction titles do better. Overall, it is a helpful tool that helps up your content game, because we all know that Headlines draw attention.

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