Covergirl Melting Pout Trial Review

Covergirl Melting Pout Lipstick

I have received this from BeautyHeaven, which is a website that features all things makeup and beauty. I was selected as a trial member for this upcoming product by Covergirl, which is the Melting Pout Gel Lipstick. If you have been in the makeup scene, this is not a new concept, so it is hard for me to be happy.

Code 110

The tube has the word Melting Pout in big letters, though I am not sure if that color corresponds with the shade inside. I will let you decide on that later. The code for the shade I have is 110, not sure the name of it (too lazy to find it)


Here I hope you can see the sponge around the lip gel that is beginning to poke out from the tip. Personally, I am not a fan of sponge tips. Mainly for hygiene issues, because I don’t really know how to wash something like this without breaking it. Hence, I am not that happy about the sponge there. Although it is smooth on the application, and is heaps easy to apply.

But no, no sponge for me thanks.

Color and Longevity

i have proof that this will not last long on the lips without proper preparation, like it will run away if you even try licking your lips. So this is not long after applying the Covergirl Melting Pout on, and Princess Brat came up to me for a cuddle.

spot the color

What’s a kiss without a cuddle right? I can safely say that the pigments in the gel lipstick is wonderful! I can still see it on her despite shrinking the photo down in size. Along with the obvious lip print, there is little left on my lips, enough to look like it’s my natural lip color.


It looks like this, I like the pink that is more vibrant, yet not garish like neon pink. It does look nice on my hands, and Princess Brat’s head. The gel is smooth, and as you can see, even layer of application. A little glossy, but not too over the top. I know that some would love to have this kind of gloss. Perfect for a work make up look.


This Melting Pout will be retailing at AUD14.95, though I am not sure if it is already on sale in the US or UK. I think there are longer lasting lipsticks out there, with that price tag.

But even though this is a flattering color, and the formulation is quite nice, I will not be getting another one. Mainly it’s the lasting power, and how it goes on everything I touch with my lips. There’s food, cups, babies and the dreaded clothing.

Would you buy it though?

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