Crown City : Time Box 5

Crown City

Author: John Heldt
Series: Time Box 5 of 5
Genre: family, time-travel
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Jumping from The Refuge

The family leaves 1941’s Oahu and arrives at 1963 Coronado, California. Coronado was discovered by Sebastian Vizcaino, in 1602. “Los Coronados” means “The Crowned ones” in Spanish, hence the title name. The family lands in the time and place in time for their plan to work. Mark and Mary enrols their youngest in Crown City High, while the older children fan out for some freedom.

Updates on the Fam

Ashley, the youngest of the Lanes, is now 13 years old! While Laura and Randy moves on with their lives after the incident from the last book, well… trying to.

Jeremy and Sarah are at Washington D.C. with Laura and Randy, experiencing the power of the August 28, 1963 speech by Martin Luther King Jr. While Jessie and Jordan are spending time with newborn daughter Penny in Lakeside, California.

What’s Up in Crown City?

A lot of things, but one of the biggest event is the showdown between the Lanes and their mortal enemy. Not Robert Devereux, but Silas Bain, the hitman. The family is seriously sick of being stalked and shot at, and Silas Bain has to tie up this loose end soon to claim his fee.

Ashley settles in high school and gains the attention of the most popular guy in school. She finally has a social life, but when her new friends don’t see eye to eye, what will she do next?

So, what’s the plan for this book? I can’t spoil it for you, but suffice to say that the plan might actually work. As the family wants to find a place of their own to settle in, they have to make sure that the future does not come back to haunt them.


I am frankly surprised, maybe because I am so used to stories being you-or-me scenario, that what John Heldt the author’s done is unique. This is probably the best way to end the Time Box Series, where everyone gets a happy ending. At least I hope everyone has a happy ending.

As I say goodbye to the Lanes, time travelling will always be an adventure of my dreams. If you have a time box like the Lanes, what would you do? I am sure that the characters in the book have given you plenty of possibilities. I would use it to change the world, hopefully encourage people to think about renewable sources and reducing wastes decades earlier.

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