Daiso’s Facial Make Up Brush and Bare Minerals Brush Cleaner Review

Brush Brush Review!

First Review:

Daiso’s Facial Make Up Brush


I found this in Daiso, costing me AUD 5.80. If you have Amazon, there are cheaper options such as this one. When this came out, it was quite expensive. Now, you can get store quality like this one for a song. Of course, if you are aiming for the best, places like Sephora still has them. Look at videos on Youtube for tips and tricks on how to use them. With this one, I think I may have bought “too big” size”. If Oval brush does not come up, try spoon brushes, because they look like spoons. They come in different sizes for different uses, this big one is mainly for foundation.

A girl can never have too many brushes.

How to Use the brush ( Noob thinks)


The pictures are opposite, but I patted some foundation on my face, for photo’s sake. You don’t have to though, you can use cream formula. And the correct way is not to smear the whole thing on the face before. I apologise, but hey, it works pretty well. So, this oval brush is actually beginner friendly too!  On the side note, you think I am looking more like the Princess (or is it the other way around?)


It is really soft and fluffy, and it blends really well. This is designed specifically for blending purposes, so it would work well with concealers and contouring. A lot of people suggested not to over contour with this brush because it may just blend too well. For that price, the quality is quite good, and it won’t be a regret buy unless you don’t do makeup. After using, I had to try out a new product…

Bare Minerals Quick Change Brush Cleaner Review

Can get this from here, or Amazon. I know this photo is really lame, but seriously it’s nothing special about the packaging. The spray pump makes it easy to use small amounts, the name Quick Change pretty much tells you what it really does: a quick clean. Ideally, you can and should use this straight after using your brush. I know most lazy people would drag it out for a few days. What is good about this, is that the Bare Mineral’s Quick Change is made mostly out of alcohol.

Alcohol is good at killing bacteria, so it’s good to keep it clean between a good wash and rinse. This is not your go- to brush cleaning method, don’t be lazy.

Ingredients and Directions

2018-04-09_09-33-57(click to enlarge)
As you can see, there is a little product on the tissue underneath the brush, which is still quite dry. The Quick Change is helpful because alcohol dries quick, and kills bacteria. There is some fragrance added into it, but I think that it was pointless. The whole thing reeks of sterile liquid, but it does not linger for long.

I am using it a lot, mainly because it is AUD 25! As long as the contents does not evaporate, I am confident that it wouldn’t expire…


While you don’t have to buy the oval brush, but if you own make up brushes, you must at least have something like the Quick Change. Not only it helps stop spreading acne around your face, you can keep your brushes pristine a little longer. Though it is not a substitute for an all out clean, which you must still do every few days.

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  1. That brush looks like it blends pretty well for it’s size actually. I don’t use liquid foundation often, usually just a tinted moisturiser and mineral powder for everyday use. How does the brush compare with blending sponges? I have a set from Target that I bought and fell in love with, their great quality and cheap enough to be able to replace them regularly too.

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