Daughter of Kali (2 book review)

Daughter of Kali ( Book 1 and 2 Review)


Daughter of Kali: Awakening
Author: Shiulie Ghosh
Genre: YA, Fantasy, Indian Mythology
Series: Daughter of Kali
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I was offered to read the series but I was hesitant. Mainly this is nothing new in terms of teenage fantasy, I have read a lot of these, and after a while, it gets predictable to me. My husband and I were watching CW’s Supergirl, and we pretty much knew the words before the actors say them. In reading, being predictable can be bad, because I get bored and I stop reading. So now I am happy to say that I am happy that I read the Daughter of Kali series.

First of all…


The story is nothing new, Kalpurna or Kaz is fifteen, the age of recklessness and self- finding. Kaz knows what she wants, and she’s pretty smart. Her friend Em though…

Em is the smart one in the story, much like Simon in the Shadow Hunter series by Cassandra Clare, except she’s smarter by miles. She’s also the daughter of a very protective sheriff in town. Breaking the rules can be scary for Em but she’s all for helping her friend.

Then we have a love interest… and this is where it gets interesting.


Not that much about love triangles in the book, Kaz tries to navigate her new reality as she learns a lot of new things about her mother Mari. Daughter of Kali is based in a small town where they are the only Indian family, which is saying something. Of course, what is initially just a normal monster hunting saga turns out to be a much bigger problem. I do love a bigger problem =D It makes the whole theme come real.

Pardon me, I know saving the world is well done, but it never gets old. Not when you have monsters to slay, and adults that think you are an idiot. All the while, Kaz keeps dreaming about Goddess Kali, who gives her pointers AKA telling her about the future.

Then it comes to Unholy Alliance

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Although we can agree on the not very cool cover, I keep on reading because Kaz is seriously snarky by the end of book one. She’s a classic rule breaker slash rebellious girl, but I am in love with her. May be it is the author’s writing style, or the fact that Kaz is not as annoying as a person. Now her mother’s back but not in one piece, and Kaz wants to make sure that mom gets the best care. With sheer determination, our heroine manages to pass exams and become a Warrior, fighter of monsters.

At the same time, her friend Em has made magic easier, it is pretty cool. I kinda like the friendship thing going on here, as you can see… romance is not everything. Why is there a bromance, but when girls have good relationship it’s not being highlighted? Anyway, the creative ways these two gets problems solved makes the series pretty fun to explore. Not only that, Unholy Alliance is kind of like the twist factor in the series.

I know most of the time, I say that authors tend to flop on book 2, because they drag on. But In Daughter of Kali: Unholy Alliance, it becomes a climax of sorts. There is also a cliffhanger, which makes me totally want to come back for book 3. I am such a sucker for twists like that, not totally unexpected, but it makes me cackle.


There’s 2 books already, and I am excited for book 3 to come. Kaz is your typical heroine, a girl who will do anything for friends and family. The twist at the end really challenges her as a character, hence it becomes a series that you can talk to your kids about. Is it nature or nurture?

Stay tuned !

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