Daughter of Kali: Infernal Destiny

Daughter of Kali: Infernal Destiny
Author: Shiulie Ghosh
Series: Demon Slayer 3
Genre: Urban Fantasy
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Daughter of Kali: Infernal Destiny

It follows Awakening and Unholy Alliance, but Kaz is now at the cusp of change. Have you heard of a Native American saying about the two wolves in our mind, and the one that wins is the one that we feed? It’s the same with Kaz and her story, that is the basic gist of it. It is easy to say we should always feed the good wolf, but sometimes we will feed the bad wolf by mistake. We are human, and it is pretty hard to stay on the good path always.

The struggle is real, but it makes achievements sweet. In Infernal Destiny, Kaz finds more about herself, and questions it. I guess every young adult will have that question one day, but for Kaz it is more literal. Her journey has never been easy, but it is better when she has friends who does not give up on her.


It picks up where it left off last, the story starts gory and scary, then descents quickly into self- depreciation and loathing. Ever the martyr, Kaz seeks ways to make up for her mistakes. She also learns a little more about her enemies, not always by choice. Infernal Destiny talks about no one wants to be the bad guy, but if there’s a protagonist, there must be an antagonist.

Good thing about Kaz is that she does not discriminate, not by choice. What she knows is what she has been told, so what happens if someone lied along the way? Hence this book is an eye- opener, and I think it is a lot better because of it.


The ending is a good one, for me it is a good outcome that I like. Kaz fixes her mistake, and stands up and fight for what she believes in. I admire the fact that Kaz is ready to admit that she is wrong, and she is not perfect. Then again, she has never intended to become any hero. Well, her demons might be real and dangerous, but it can be also a message for other readers out there.

There is a demon inside us, and sometimes it is just better for us to find the balance instead of trying to get rid of it. Well, unless that demon wants to rule the world, maybe you can squash it then.


What can I say? I love Indian myths and folklore, they have lots! Even though one big event ends, I suspect there is more by the way some things are brewing. I can’t wait! If you like kickass heroine that kicks ass, but perfectly imperfect, Kaz is for you.

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