Dead ‘Til Dawn Book Review

Dead ‘Til Dawn
Author: Gerald Dean Rice
Genre: action, paranormal, zombie

Dead ‘Til Dawn was an interesting story to start

I admit that I got this book/ voted for it because it has a very interesting hook. 2 guys: Jim and Gary, were in a laboratory, being shown a special pill that makes you dead for a while. Much like trying to imitate resurrection of Jesus Christ, except somehow the two were obsessed with “2” or “3” days… that is among the small details that makes this book slightly annoying.

Well, who would invent such a thing? Someone did, due to a request from a group of people who called themselves Adjacent. Stranger still, they somehow believe some interesting stuff about God and religion. Of course when two random guys swallowed their sacred pill, things turned sour.

The Characters

Jim and Gary might be good friends, but it was obvious that they were drifting apart, and somehow were trying to bond in the laboratory. I tried to like them, but they are not exactly likable with their attitude and somehow lack of a solid background.

Not much is known about the two heroes, except Jim is engaged and Gary is trying to un-engage him. The villain is a mess of personality, most of the time I have no idea why is he there, or why is he the villain except because someone took his things.

The support characters are also an oddity in the story. Assassins and drug dealers, somehow the book is full of people dying and taking drugs. I suppose you need a source of guns and dead people.

Purpose of the Story

That is another issue I had with the book in general. Reading the book makes me realize that this is just some bonding journey between two men. Worse of all, the story slowly loses its plot by spiraling off tangent. The theory of the book is far from logical, not to mention half the things that happen in the book makes little sense.

Somehow, Jim and Gary did a lot of things in 48 hours (I am still confused about the time limit), but the story does not feel fast paced. It’s like a video game that you have no urgency in completing.


While Dead ‘Til Dawn can be entertaining if you like that kind of story, there are many gaps in the story. The characters are lacking in some sort of personality, making it had to relate to. I hardly know the two guys, and half the time I lost the plot.

Overall, it is an interesting enough premise, but fails to deliver in many ways. I am a little disappointed, but good effort I guess.

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