Death and Donuts (Review)

Death and Donuts (A Frankie and Josh Mystery Book 3)
Author: Stan Schatt
Publisher: Pen-L Publishing
Series: Frankie & Josh 3
Genre: Mystery, suspense
ASIN: B01N061W4X

My Death and Donuts Review:

I was given the book for a fair review, special thanks you Stan who was kind enough to allow me to have the book. Everyone knows it is hard to read a book when you have a baby, that is not true, I believe toddlers are harder.

This is my second Frankie & Josh book, my first is actually book 2: A Bullet For the Ghost Whisperer. I had enjoyed the collaboration between a straight cop and a psychic gossip columnist/ reporter. The unlikely duo were dynamic, independent people who had to learn how to trust each other.

After the success of the last case, it is only natural for Frankie to enlist in the help of Josh once with this new case. Death of a famous actor before a big event is news, and her boss Chief Rankin is reluctant to look like an idiot when the press hounds pounce for blood. Frankie had a deadline, and a hall pass to get things moving, to find answers.

But someone does not want this mystery solved, more dead bodies turned up as Frankie tried to find out who is the elusive Ruby Red. With her trusted friend Josh, Frankie would be navigating political landmines, backstabbers and secret organizations to unearth secrets. Death and Donuts may become Death by Donuts, especially if she trod on someone big’s foot.

Frankie and Josh have matured into a team, mainly because of the trauma since the last case. Frankie not only has to put her pain aside, she might have to face them head on. Not only her reputation is at stake, her job is now on the line. The pressure is on, and will Frankie be able to figure out this case?


Although it can be mostly read as a standalone, Death and Donuts will be more comfortable fitting in the series section. There are ongoing issues relating to Frankie and Josh’s private lives, and it would be unfair to just focus on cases alone. If you are looking for interesting and engaging suspense stories, then this series might be a good fit as the plot has twists and a strong lead.

But if you are seeing the duo as individuals, then their growth will interest you, but you will need to start from book one. I like Frankie, she is no- nonsense; while Josh has a lot of self- doubt, which was evident in this book. I love how imperfect they are, but they complement each other.

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  1. Ah I can grandson Clayton sleeps all day..his almost 2 year sister…keeps me running! These sound like great mysteries..and of course I now want donuts to go with my coffee!!

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