The Death of Danny Daggers

The Death of Danny Daggers
Author: Hadyn Wilks
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (May 1, 2015)
Genre: Mystery
ISBN-13: 978-1511985550

The Death of Danny Daggers is an interesting mystery

I was approached by the author, who gave me the book for a fair review.

Book cover looks quite grotesque, and it is related to the story. However I am worried that it might give the wrong image to the masses: Danny Daggers is not that seagull. He is a person who washed up ashore from the River Taff, an YouTube guy who was famous for his drunken antics.

Daniel Covell. Sociology student, Leeds university, better known as Danny Daggers. He had been on a drunken tour around Cardiff, stirring up trouble as he went. When he turned up dead, the mystery starts, and the timeline converges, showing Danny’s last forty- eight hours, policemen trying to solve the case, journalists and psychopaths.

From Carnage in Cardiff, the story flips from character to character, like tossing red herrings at the reader. The Death of Danny Daggers was imminent, but poor guy does not know it yet. Police speculates, while the victim parties on. Someone in the book is responsible, and the author does a good job letting you try and figure out.

The ending was acceptable, at least a less worn path. Death of Danny Daggers is hardly a book focusing on a hero, but it was trying to shed light on a guy who was trying to make something of himself.


The Death of Danny Daggers is a mystery, but I bet you the seagull had done it. Share on X

The Death of Danny Daggers needs a lot of work for a debut novel.  Despite its fast pace, there too many random things floating around. I am used to neat, concise style of writing, so this was a struggle for me. The Welsh accent I did not mind much, but it did slow me down considerably.

I might be forgiving for someone’s first. It can be quite a challenge to read, because of the messy style of writing. Overall, it is not the worst book, but hardly recommendable.



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