December 1 2020

24 Sleeps To Christmas!

I have just finished 30 days of Nanowrimo, and so now I am hopefully back into a steady blogging routine soon, but don’t hold your breath.  Christmas means a lot of buying and spending will all the bills pop up like little mushrooms. That tree belongs to my mom in Malaysia, who for the first time probably is stuck back home because of lockdowns.

Usually she’s somewhere else in the world….

I don’t have a tree but….

My presents are almost ready! Yes, there’s one that is partially so, I am aware of that, thank you. I just need one extra item for the present. Another 2 people to shop for, which my darling husband is dragging his stupid feet to buy for.

Actually, Santa is still missing my children on his good kid’s list, but I’ll let him worry about it. I get away with things, because we don’t have a chimney at home. Before you start, Santa goes to my in- laws, where they have a large Christmas tree and a proper fireplace XD

So it is easy to convince my kids that Santa drops all the presents there, because it’s only a trip for them and cousins. My, aren’t we thoughtful? I shall not breathe a word about lazy parents, reindeers have no food and Santa has no cookies.

We are in Australia, it’s hot… there are a hundred reasons it will be nice to ask Santa to drop the entire family’s presents at one location, right?

My Own Nanowrimo Winner’s Present!

Every year, Scrivener has a 50% off voucher for Nanowrimo winners. Winners mean hitting the target of 50,000 words in 30 days. This is my 6th winning year, hence I reward myself with it. If you are looking for a review, it will be awhile. There are a lot of reviews for Scrivener, it is a popular writing program for everyone: fiction to academic writing.

Honestly, if you have not heard of it, go check it out #no, not affiliated#. If you want a 50% voucher, sorry, I have used mine, maybe next year eh?

Should I do another Christmas Wish List, it seems like I am running out of things to want. Does it feel that way as we get older? My children keep asking for more toys and things, but all I want this year is everything to be back to normal, like PRE-COVID.

But books, if he hands me a Kindle full of books, definitely.

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