Decleor Aroma Confort Nourishing Comfort Hand Cream Review

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Decleor Aroma Confort Nourishing Comfort Hand Cream

I got this as a free gift for my birthday. I will be honest with you: I never wanted to open and use this until a lot later. Mainly because I have tubes of Neutrogena Hand cream everywhere around the house. The King Brat is quite upset because well, it is getting ridiculous the amount of opened tubes I have. Anyway, looking at my title and the picture, I too… thought it was Aroma Comfort, but no it is really “CONFORT”. Confort means to greatly strengthen, so this thing is actually to make your hands strong, not to provide comfort… hmmm…

I learned something new today ^_^

The Cheeky Person who Opened my Hand Cream


At 18 months (+/-) Princess is quite a stubborn and inquisitive kid. She kind of new what it was and wanted me to open the box- so she could use it. I am not kidding, I am proud (I think) that she wants to look after her hands, but it is creepy right? Maybe not, since I have been/ still piling her up with moisturising creams, but look at her! can’t refuse a determined face like that right? Princess is very different in personality to Prince. Where Prince is always aiming to please, Princess is almost demanding and not caring what you think of her. If she thinks she looks good, she is. Well, look at whose shoes she’s wearing?


Ingredients and Directions


Meadow Foam Oil and Shea butter helps to nourish the dry hands. Parsley, Dyer’s Weed, Bearberry and Vitamin E are for anti-ageing, though I am not 100% sure how well that is going for me. I don’t really see lot of difference so far. But the kid’s been stealing my hand cream, who knows right? It has no mineral oils, but a very strong fragrance- reminds me of soap.

The most interesting thing in the list is Cypress essential oil, which is to reduce sweating. Decleor has you covered with a hand cream that reduces perspiration, hurray if you have a need for it! Now this one I do find some effectiveness in it. It is a hot autumn so far, and holding hands can be tricky if you sweat (ewww). This I can confirm that it does help a little, though my hands are not very sweaty to begin with.


Since I got it for free, of course I am happy with it. I have looked at the price, and it is around AUD$23 or USD$20, which is not a bad price for a decent hand cream. The fragrance does linger, while I do not like it, I am not that upset about it either. Overall, for 50mL, I guess you may have a better product, but I do not see a lot of hand creams that says :hey, I help you stop sweating!

Plus- this is made in … France XD



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  1. Sounds as though it works really well, it’s a shame they haven’t brought out a fragrance free version of the cream, or maybe they have? Will have to have a Google. I have really dry hands in the winter especially and use a barrier moisturiser for my hands but it causes dermatitis and cracking near the knuckles on my fingers unfortunately. With that gorgeous little face, I’d let her open up ALL THE HAND CREAMS! Her skin looks incredible Ailyn! <3

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