Desert Rose by K. Moore Blog Tour

Desert Rose

Author: K. Moore
Blog tour: Inkslinger PR
Synopsis: When Jennifer’s ten- year- old daughter was kidnapped in Dubai, her world comes crashing down.



First, I would like to congratulate Desert Rose for being the ‘Most Promising Manuscript’ at the 2018 Alaskan Writers Guild Conference. It is not an easy feat, but I am happy to be part of the blog tour for this book. The cover itself is elegant, not too flashy but at the same time promises a thrilling time.

Jennifer and Kevin are American expats living in Dubai, with their children Liam and Sarah. One of the reasons why I wanted to join the tour is because of the synopsis. I was expecting something like a shooting/ Liam Neeson’s Taken but it was nothing like that. Desest Rose goes by first person narration, via Jennifer’s point of view. It was a good choice, because Jennifer is a mom, and she has just lost her daughter in a foreign country. So when Sarah went missing during a shopping trip, Jennifer was thrown into hell.


Nothing tells us how lucky we are in a Western society until we are in a country where women are second class, and nothing would prepare us for the helplessness. Jennifer not only has to navigate social rules and cultural differences, she also has to deal with her family. Like all mothers, she constantly blames herself for what had happened. As time ticks by, she has to either accept that her daughter is gone, or take a drastic measure.

Desert Rose may not be all guns- ablazing and thrilling car chases, but it is thrilling all the same. The cold chill down my spine when Jennifer makes discovery after discovery, as well as her fear of the worst. If I didn’t know that this is fiction, it could have easily passed as a non- fiction with the description of Dubai and its underlying cultural problems. I am amazed with the level of detail put into writing this book. It is also amazing what a missing child unearths! As Jennifer tries to find Sarah, she does not find her child, but plenty of other things.


Desert Rose definitely deserved to be most promising manuscript, but I know that it can be more. Jennifer is like every mother who is missing her child, and is living through every parent’s nightmare in the worst possible way. Kudos to K. Moore for the book and achievement, it is most well deserved. The buy links are below, and hope to see more of her in the future.

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