Destined (Oaktown Girls Book 3)


Author: Suzanne Falter
Series: Oaktown Girls 3
Genre: Lesbian Fiction/ romance
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I am back in Oaktown, with Lizzy and Kate, Frankie and Sally. Now that our dear friends Tenika and Delilah are finally going in a honeymoon, life seems to be picking up for the rest of the girls in Destined. Frankie has Sally, while we have a new visitor in town as well: Rosalind.

It seems that the author has picked up the pace a little, and the town’s getting a little bit more interesting!

Newbie in Town: Rosalind Choi

Rosalind is a child of Chinese- American parents, raised to be a good filial daughther. Ivy League graduate in a tech world makes her parents proud, but Rosalind is not sure if she can please them all the time. In Destined, Rosalind makes her first apparence in the Driven Garage.

Now that Kate and Lizzy are Committed to each other, their worst nightmare comes true. It is not surprising, because everyone knows that it was coming since the days of Mindy.

Destined to be Together?

There are three story lines, first is the relationship between Frankie and Sally. Frankie the Cop is having a hard time accepting that her girlfriend Sally is a psychic. Then Kate has to run to a Sanctuary Church, causing havoc in insecure Lizzy’s life.

Finally, something non- romantic for Rosalind. Destined focuses on a few issues: personal strength and making leaps of faith. It’s something to read romance issues, but the additional drama is interesting.


Destined has upped the ante a little with the new problems in Oaktown. Between finding forever ever after and personal peace, the town is pretty busy for a tiny place. I think the series is getting good!

I can’t wait for the next installment of the series, it will be great to find out more about our girls in Oaktown.

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