Detective Dee :Rise of the Sea Dragon Prequel Review


Detective Dee :Rise of the Sea Dragon Prequel
Author: 楚惜刀 (Chu Xi Dao)
Genre: Fantasy, fiction, prequel

Detective Dee : Rise of Sea Dragon is a special kind of book

First of all, it is a prequel to a movie that is already out.

This one:

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Now this is the English version, the cover of is of Mark Chao (he is quite a looker!). It is a paranormal story that is about a mysterious water dragon, and a lot of investigation.

You could say that he is like Sherlock Holmes with his detective skills, but he has better social skills that the guy from Baker Street. Despite that, he still made enemies everywhere.

About the Book

Set a few weeks before the movie, Detective Dee prequel is more like a background story, detailing what the main characters were doing up to the point of of the movie starts.

While you can watch the movie without reading the book, I feel that after reading the book, you can understand each character better. More importantly, this book is written by a skilled author who has probably watched the movie before.

He had managed to make the characters more believable, fleshing them out by giving them a background and a life goal, so to speak. We have Detective Dee, displaying his intelligence and drive to help those who need his skills.

Then we have the Empress and Emperor, who has more role in the story than in the movie. Followed by the the poor guy who was part of the movie and his journey towards a state.

About the Guy

The detective is a real person in history, he was born in the age of Tang Dynasty. Made a Prime Minister, he was a noble person who always helped his citizens with fairness and kindness.

While the story is mainly fictionalised, fantasied beyond recognition, much of his character and integrity mirrors historical records about this famous man.


It is a pretty looking book, it has a lot of pictures of the CGI that is in the movie itself. Also, at the end of the book, there are interviews with the director and the actors that further give rise to a special episode of Detective Dee.

While you may not be able to read the book (it’s not translated at all), you can definitely watch the movie, which has English subs or subtitles.

If you like Kung Fu, a lot of chasing around and creates beyond imagination, you should give it a go.

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