Did Star Wars Prediction Came True?


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Did you guys remember one of the books that I read about Star Wars Predictions (review here)?

A recap on the book cover

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Predictions + Book Writing

First things first, did the prediction came true?

Not all of it, that is the answer. I guess the director change had evidently changed Star Wars series. In Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the battle between good and evil ended strangely, not that I am complaining. This is a trilogy after all, something has to stay unanswered right? The word Rings in the author’s book suggest that the series/ trilogy always have similar arcs. In the movie, although the arc was there, the story/ plot had deviated somewhat.

I am not exactly unhappy about it, given that I am surprised at how the story suddenly banks in a direction that I find refreshing. Perhaps it is the director’s need to break free from expectations that lead to the change. From all reviews and upset fans, I am guessing the change managed to create some backlash/ fanfare. First of all, there is no “oh my god!” moment, or any big revelations in this movie. Secondly, the story seems to be progressing quite slowly for a Star Wars franchise. Thirdly, some fans say that it clashes with the Star Wars Universe fictions.

Oh well.

Did I Like Star Wars: Last Jedi?

Disappointing, that is what I feel after watching the movie over the weekend. Both me and my husband followed the Star Wars franchise since Hans Solo, it so far remains the only movie we would definitely go to the cinema for. Apart from the great cinematic effects (the silence was deafening, in relation to this crazy warning) and lack of great laser sword fights, the story remains a little confusing with its moments. There are not a lot of new aliens to see, and the story thinks it can milk on some past issues.

Seriously? Let bygones be bygones, this is about the new warriors, hanging onto old things pull the story backwards. It was like two steps forward and one step back kind of feel. Trying to recreate something that was.. good is not a Star Wars habit. George Lucas could do ten retakes of “NOoooooooooo” and it would still be the original scene that people remembers. Hence, not impressed with the lack of creativity in the story department.

Plot was okay, I like how this is going. The fight/ balance of good and evil is never so precarious in The Last Jedi, it feels like, in any moment the balance by tip towards evil.

Should you watch it?

Well, if you like loud bangs and great cinematics, Star Wars is definitely a good movie to watch in the cinema. But if you are after the story and character developments, sadly I have to say that this is not it. While Rey and Kylo Ren has huge leap towards their importance in the story, their growth is somehow limited to fighting their internal voice. Finn though, finds himself for the first time, realising who he truly wants to be.

I’ll leave it up to you then.

What Else I Have Been Watching?

[su_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/HmhVK9onFLY?list=PLpOa-OrneXm34lESV2HJzCIFHA3tBrI5s&t=35″]

Ten Miles Peach Blossoms AKA Eternal Love
So in love with Mark Chao’s performance in this series. I am not a television series person, but the story is truly amazing! The main focus of the story is the girl, Bai Qian, who is a white nine- tailed fox, Princess of Qing Qiu. The written story is about her 5 romantic relationships, the television shortens it to three (well.. 3 characters). There is a movie of the same name, but this is heaps better because it has 58 episodes.

The actors in the series have done a very good job portraying all the emotion and the story. Youtube has the completed season, as well as English subtitles. Be warned though, this is very addictive.

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  1. I haven’t seen the new one yet but my son did. I’m dying to see it because the first movie with Rey and Finn blew me away. I loved that one – loved Finn. He was my fav! These reviews seem to be extremely polarized – people loved or hated it. Dying to see it!

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