Dr Lewinn’s Eternal Youth Face Mask

Photoshoot model Dog

Dr Lewinn’s Eternal Youth Face Mask

I used this Dr Lewinn’s Face Mask during one weekend for a family photoshoot. The dog belongs to someone in the family. This is just to show off the wonderful skill of the photographer and the beautiful Sunday I had.

This face mask is a little different from Jiinjiu Gold Foil Sheet Mask I favor, because this was free! This face mask uses a thick material for the mask, as well as liposome technology. The Dr Lewinn’s face mask drips with Juveleven peptide (exclusive to the brand), ginseng extract and the infamous hyaluronic acid. All sticking on a fancy gold mask.

How to Use

Instructions say that gold side facing out, but that does not make much sense to me. I mean, if I want the gold to work on my face, shouldn’t it be touching my bare skin? Since camera does not show it well, but I think it is genuine gold, or perhaps a mixture of gold dust on other material? The serum itself is quick and slippery, like an expensive serum that will glide on to any skin. The packaging is clear and concise.

Another thing to add, is that the face mask is from Taiwan, while Dr. Lewinn’s is an Australian brand. A single mask costs $7, but you can get a box of 5 cheaper. It is still pricier than your average sheet mask, even with the gold.

Does It Work?

Maybe, I am using in the day because of the family photoshoot, and I wanted to look my best.
The skin looks plumper and more radiant, even without my first layer of makeup on. I did not Photoshop this photo, because nothing can make me look pretty anyway. But I think for a day’s worth of good skin, Dr Lewinn’s Eternal Youth does the trick. My skin looks more awake, and at least my eye circles are not so obvious.

If you ask me if this is worth the $7, yeah, for a special occasion, why not?


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