Dr. Morita Hyaluronic Acid & Sake Yeast Mask Review + Giveaway

Dr. Morita is here… Move Along SKII

Dr. Morita Hyaluronic Acid & Sake Yeast Essence Moisturizing Facial Mask

If you are not in America, Amazon can be tricky. Fortunately you can get Dr. Morita’s other range too from other places. More importantly, does it work? People who know about the SKII brand would realize the general history behind the founding of it.

Basically, the substance Pitera that was found during brewing sake was trademarked by SKII. The result was a very rich company that could stop people from selling similar substances. But that does not mean that you cannot find other brands. What we have here is not SKII, but sake yeast essence. It is not the same thing, hopefully it does the same job.

This is still a sheet mask, sealed in foiled packs for freshness. The ones I got expires 2019, not bad. You know that it is not very strong when it lacks that fermented rice smell. With hyaluronic acid, which is a weak chemical exfoliate, this mask is more of a clarifying facial. The sake yeast also provides moisturizing effect, but this is far more for someone aiming for clear skin.

First thing I noticed was the quality of the cloth mask, this is thicker than the usual range, hence holds more liquid. The recommended timing is about fifteen minutes but as usual I left it on.

Dr. Morita’s Hyaluronic acid and Sake Yeast Essence also contains algae and aloe vera, which gives it a push on the moisturizing and hydrating department. I would have liked to have more of the first two, and less of the fillers, but the end result is pretty good.

The box comes with nine masks, and if you do one a day you would see some results. I can feel my skin smoother with just one sitting.

Pretty impressive for a sheet mask. I am not joking. As I bought this to try, and so this is an honest review.

You do not have to believe me

For my birthday, I would like to share some of these. so the giveaway is FIVE (5) of the masks. Just for you to try and see. This is a Japanese brand, and if you are new to the sheet mask regime (read do it daily) this is a good start. Particularly because Australia is so dry at the moment.

Yup! This is an Australian Address Exclusive giveaway!

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