Driven by Suzanne Falter

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Author: Suzanne Falter
Series: Oaktown Girls 1
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Driven to Succeed?

I first read Suzanne Falter in her Transformed story, where a transgender woman saves the world. That one was such a great and engaging book that I jumped into this immediately when it came to me. Driven is an Oaktown Girls novel by Suzanne Falter, focusing on lives for four women. Owners of Driven garage are Tenika and Lizzy, by no means romantically attached. Tenika Cummins inherited the garage from her uncle, while Lizzy Edgewood was a partner and fellow mechanic. Together, they own Driven Garage– Woman- Owned, Woman- Powered. 

The story is based in a small town community, and there are four main characters in it. It does have a lot of potential, I guess we shall see in the future.

The Good and The Bad

Life was great until Mindy Rose’s All- Star Garage and Sushi Bar came along. Mindy Rose was a retired NASCAR racer, somehow bent on destroying Driven Garage for no odd reason. With her is the assistant Kate Morahan, who coincidentally homosexual as well. While I have no qualms, some how I would prefer to have some men in their lives. I mean, why can’t someone have brothers or friends who are male? Just a gripe, over all the interaction between four women are interesting enough.

The good was the fear and the closeness between friends. Just because this book is mostly woman powered does not mean that there is all love and no friendship right? Anyway, as friends rally and enemies plot, Lizzy and Kate fall in love.

Romance versus Reality

While romance blooms between Lizzy and Kate, we can all see as an outsider how this is not going down well. Mindy Rose is quite a villain, she is really a crazy ass person who seems to go things without an logical reason. Even though this is not the most realistic romance story I have read, it might even quality as a new adult. It is entertaining, but no means a very heavy read. I was hoping for some more explosive interaction, but there were not much around.

The ending was kind of satisfying? There is no cliffhangers or anything, but somehow I was left wishing for more. I am sure that Lizzy and Kate will live happily ever after, but how about Tenika and Mindy? It would be great to know more of them.


As far as romance stories go, it is lukewarm with a touch of fuzz. And if you are looking for a great Valentine’s Day read, Driven is fun to read, because it is not very long. I kept cheering for the under dogs, and happy that it was a happy ending kind of story. But definitely could do with a lot more character build up. Since this might be a series, I shall hope for the best! 

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