Ego Elucent Anti- Aging Range

Ego Elucent Anti- Aging Range

I received the Ego Elucent range for a trial test, and I have the cleanser, moisturiser with SPF and a night cream. I was excited to try this range, because the percentage of AHA seems low enough for everyday use. You can click on the links to read and but they are not affiliated, I am just showing you where you can purchase these if you are interested.

First up: Gentle Cleanser

The cleanser has a cool holographic liquid look to it, and it has 2% AHAs with vitamin B3 and E. It also has no SLS, but it has oat kernel extract and fragrance. At just pump, the smell is not overpowering and I do not mind it. But if you have sensitivity to oat extract, this might set it off. The gentle cleanser foams up really well and leaves no residue after rinsing.

It is super easy to use, and I think 2% is gentle enough for daily use.

Then you go with the Day Moisturiser with SPF 50

Now I have a problem with this moisturiser, hear me out. First of all, at one pump, I am not going to the SPF 50 from that little dollop. But if I want to use it as a sunscreen, I will finish the bottle up real fast. So I am using this as a moisturiser, and adding on extra sunscreen on the side. While it is great to claim that you have SPF 50, I think manufacturers also have to consider if they want people to use the recommended amount for sunscreen.

Plus, the moisturiser has 4% AHA, does that mean I’d get more AHA on my skin during the day if I use this for sun protection? So, even if it says SPF 50, do not think that you are getting the full 50 if you are not applying the proper amount.

Both the cleanser and moisturiser comes in a pump head, and each pump dispenses the same amount which is good.

At night you have the Night Cream,

Yes, it comes in a jar. The company recommends that you use the night cream alternate days for the first two weeks until your skin adjusts to the new regime. My skin turns red initially with the stronger 8% AHA, plus Vitamins B3, E and C. The vitamin C is brightening and it is also an antioxidant, so no prizes if the skin gets irritated.

So between the 3, I have been getting quite okay results 2 weeks into the new regime. If you wonder what are AHA (alpha hydroxy acids), they are natural acids from plants and animals. Usually it’s lactic acid (from lactose aka animal source) or glycolic acid from sugar cane. You may sometimes find citric, malic and tartaric acid here and there, but hydroxycaproic acid from royal jelly can be more expensive.



Why use AHAs?

In the Elucent anti-aging range, it is for skin cell renewal and for the vitamins B and E to penetrate deeper for a better effect. At 2 to 8% it is not high but this is mainly a daily use range. If you want a higher percentage, Dr. LeWinn’s Reversaderm is a 15% AHA for twice weekly use.

Does it work?

I think it does, the laugh lines are slightly lighter, while my frown lines are also shallower ( hate those). My skin is less red now that it’s at night, and I will recommend watching out for redness or patches of spots. You may need to scale it down if it happens =D

Otherwise, they are pretty good for a store brand.

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