Ego SunSense Daily Face Invisible Tint Finish SPF 50 Review


Ego SunSense Daily Face Invisible Tint Finish SPF 50

The Ego SunSense Daily is tinted and SPF 50- perfect for high UV and hot sunny days Made in Australia: for Australian weather, skin, and everyone who needs great protection. Designed with an oil- free base, this sunscreen dries matte. I bet you guys are like so excited right now, because most of you are probably hating those oily- greasy after feel when you put on cheap sunscreen. I too, hate that feeling, hence I usually go after gel based that is made in Japan.

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This I got from work, hence it is only 30g instead of the full 70g you buy in stores. Ego Sunsense is widely available throughout the whole of Australia at a very reasonable price. So if you are in need of a good sunscreen Down Under, be assured of this one. Unless you are going to a pool or to the beach, this is not water resistant.


Hahaha! Shocking right? A friendly reminder that sunscreen has to be applied generously. For SPF 50, you have apply a teaspoonful or 1mL to get that benefit. I am sure that it is not 1mL on my face, but you get the idea. Slap on heaps and smooth well. I will warn you guys that this does feel kind of icky at first. I thought it would end up greasy and yucky, looking at the picture, it is quite deceptive. Luckily, after a good smoothing out with my hands the sunscreen sits nicely on my face.

This is a few minutes after my application. You do have to apply at least 15 minutes before going out, so that the sunscreen can have a full effect by the time you step out of the sun. The Ego SunSense is only for going out only, not for sweaty occasions, or going to wet places. For that you would need something that is water- resistant at least.



Ego SunSense is a great Australian made sunscreen. This is as good as the Kose Sekkisei SunScreen lotion, or the Kose SunCut that offers the same level of protection. I am not a great fan of tinted products, but this has an invisible finish. If you are impressed, this is also does not break the bank. Sekkisei is expensive, while it would be expensive to buy Suncut online. My tube is nearing the end, but I have another sunscreen in my stash before I need to buy one.

Plus, it would be autumn/ winter soon, I am not sure if I still need SPF 50. But hey, good to not have wrinkles right?

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  1. I’m a massive fan of the tinted moisturiser and wear it under a mineral powder rather than a heavy foundation. Does this one come in a lighter shade? I have very fair skin and most of the tints are too dark for me. It looks really light and your skin is glowing Ailyn, adding this one to my must try list. Great product review! <3

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