Egyptian Magic is an all- purpose skin cream with a cool name

nothing magical

Egyptian Magic is an all- purpose skin cream with a cool name

But if you look closely at my fingers, it betrays all the magic the cream has: nothing magical about it. My skin has started to peel after I returned home from Malaysia (my parents are still there). Presumably because I had to start cleaning again, touching detergent or just the temperature and humidity change.

I have had problems like there before, where my skin would just start to peel off layers of dead skin, it is just unsightly and annoying. Nothing bad will happen until I rip off the raw part by accident. I usually smother my hands with hand cream, put on a pair of gloves when this happens, the skin will repair itself with the proper tools.

Amazon Sells It

The ingredients are simple: olive oil, beeswax, honey, propolis and royal jelly. It sounds decadent, and it smells of honey as well, which is pleasant given that there are no additional fragrance to it. This is supposedly to have strong emollient and healing properties, with it anti-inflammatory properties from propolis.

Needless to say, I shelled out AUD40 for this jar, which is quite expensive for me.

Because …. it didn’t work for me or princess brat =(

How it Looks Like


Flickr’s photo editing system is still down, and I am too lazy to find another program to crop before posting. I ask for your forgiveness in this time of laziness. The Egyptian Magic has an ointment look to it, despite some of it calling this a cream. This is definitely more like a solid oil based product. Good if you have dry skin, and need something oilier than a cream.

Which would have been perfect if it does help….


I am sure you can see Princess Brat’s arm, it is in terrible shape as she scratches. The moment she start to sweat, the itch will follow. It is hard to stop her from scratching, because she would use anything (anyone) as a scratch post, rubbing her poor arms against things to stop the itch. Needless to say, the cream did not help one bit. When I was in Malaysia, I had to constantly wash her arms with water, apply some cream/ ointment and repeat every hour.

In the end, it was a rush to see a traditional Chinese medicine doctor, to get a special herbal ointment that cost RM50 (like … aud 20) to get her skin in control. That did work, but it wasn’t until we reach Australia that her itching and scratching stopped completely.

Guess I shouldn’t be travelling overseas for a few more months Q.Q

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