L’Oreal Elvive Colour- Protect Conditioning Spray

L’Oreal Elvive Spray Review

L’O real Elvive Colour- Protect Conditioning Spray

L’ Oreal Elvive Colour- Protect is a range of product that is formulated for those who colours their hair often. I got this from Priceline Pharmacy, because it was 20% off. To be honest, I usually pick hair products for what they do, and not whom they target. Just to be clear, I have not dyed my hair for almost two years now, I am just lazy.

This spray apparently has advanced formulation to nourish and protect coloured hair, and UV filters. So L’ Oreal Elvive boasts

7 weeks of color protection and 85% colour radiance.

Unfortunately I cannot tell you how well that went, because my hair is in its natural dark brown almost black colour. Yeah, I do not know for sure the colour of my hair, it looks black most of the time, but can have shine of dark brown under certain light. However I am sure you want to know if this thing works.

One thing is for sure, my hair does not tangle that much when I use this. I bought this because it say it can detangle hair, that is a big concern for me when I buy hair products. This leave in conditioning spray is a boost to my normal shampoo and conditioner routine. Two to three sprays on the tip, and I can easily comb my hair. Best of all, I can do it on dry hair too.

Should you try this?

If you have kids, you too will appreciate not needing to take so long to comb out your hair. At the moment, my hair is almost always in a pony tail. On hot days it’s in a bun, but I always wash my hair. For the cost, L’Oreal Elvive Conditioning Spray does work well enough. I have had duds in the past, but this seems to work well in terms of detangling hair.

For colour protect, the brand does say that the results are for people who use the whole set: shampoo and conditioner as well. If you are looking for a decent store brand, L’Oreal Elvive Colour- Protect range might be the set that you need to keep your hair looking vibrantly coloured for a little longer.

On another note

Can someone tell me a good hair colour/ dye brand that will not dry out my hair too much? My hair is brown/ black and pretty hard to take in colour unless I bleach it (which is something I am not keen on)


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