Fall In Love with Emma and George in Emma of 83rd Street

Fall In Love with Emma and George in Emma of 83rd Street

Written by Audrey Belleza and Emily Harding, Emma of 83rd Street features Emma Woodhouse, her sister Margo, their father and their backyard neighbour, the Knightley Brothers Ben and George. In the Upper East Side of Manhattan, the family is close and has several neighbours that show up regularly. One of them is Helen Pawloski, an elderly lady whose husband had passed away. The story starts with a Christmas Party before launching you straight into a wedding between her sister Margo and Ben Knightley.

It’s not Margo of 83rd Street though…

While the story digresses between events, it is Emma that we should be focused on. We often see her interaction with George Knightley, the older of the two brothers, so that should be a big hint. Emma is a busy person, often planning events for the family and going to classes. It is where we meet Nadine, and how Emma’s kindness can be a double-edged sword. Between the book spewing big name fashion brands and styling, Emma tries to create a copy of her in Nadine.

The only person not happy about that is George, who chastises her by pointing out that she is messing with other people’s life. From this point, something changes about their casual banter. George is the first to pick up on the change and his feelings. Emma remains blissfully thinking that Nadine’s boss/ hair stylist is gay…

Enter the Rival

It is not a romance chick lit without a rival party to spice things up a notch. In Emma of 83rd Street, the rival only appears in name and then for a few pages in the book. I was a little disappointed, but it cannot be helped as Emma is a busy socialite with a full calender. It is more fun to see Emma and George trying to figure out their relationship, so the rival was an unimportant plot.


It is a light and entertaining read, good for some cackles. Once you put it down, you may feel like coming back for more cackles. But there are no moments of enlightenment, just sweet times. Overall, a true chick lit with snarky conversations.

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