Ever Alice by H.J. Ramsay

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Ever Alice
Author: H.J. Ramsay
Genre: fantasy, rewrite, adaptations
Release date: August 2019
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Ever Alice, another adaptation

I have read a lot of Alice Liddell adaptation, such as the Collector’s Society by Heather Lyons and Alice by Christina Henry. Well, those are the two that I can remember anyways. If you are after a lighter version of life after Wonderland, I definitely recommend Collector’s Society. Christina Henry’s version is on the darker version, and a lot of gore if you can stand it. Happy Valentine’s Day as well by the way.

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Back to the book

First of all, this is not a half bad adaptation, it is quite well written. In this version, Alice is back and has issues with accepting that Wonderland is not real. It is real to her, but people have trouble believing that she is not crazy. During her time, mental illness is not quite well understood, so Alice was soon carted off to an asylum. This is another place where you can find Alice in all 3 books, seriously getting a little old for me.

Alice flips between trying to get better and keeping her memories of Wonderland real, but in the end she had opted to leave her world. Going back into Wonderland despite the standing order of her beheading was a risk. The Red Queen, named Rosamund in this book, is going ever crazy. Some time has passed in Wonderland, hence there are some changes to the characters.


We do have our dear White Rabbit, now has a name: Ralph. The mad hatter’s called William, which is kind of strange to me. Gone are the frivolity of the first Wonderland, with the mad queen ruling, every one has to make sure that their heads stay in place. Alice now is tasked with a gruesome job of killing the Queen, for some odd reason. Queen of Hearts is paranoid and highly strung, she’s a character to follow, sometimes more fun than Alice herself.

Yes, one of the problems I have with Ever Alice, is that Alice is like some supportive actress in her own story. Queen of Hearts is infinitely more interesting and better fleshed out than our heroine, but at least there’s one character worthy of a read. The plot is okay, not the best and tightest, but it serves the queen well.


Nothing much, only Alice has to kill the Mad Queen, who is trying to behead everyone who stands up against her. Hence, this is the singular plot that is clear from the beginning what Alice must do. But the ending is funny and sad at the same time, and it is the only reason why I stuck out reading till the end.


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Ever Alice showed some promise, but falls flat on the delivery. I do like the villain a lot, at least she’s got an agenda and a plot. Alice wanders and bumbles around like some lost kid most of the time, it is quite sad for a strong girl that Carroll gave birth to. It is not a bad book, but should give a think or two before adding it into your TBR.

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