Ever the Hunted: Book review

Ever the Hunted: A Clash of Kingdoms NovelAuthor: Erin Summerill
Series: Clash of Kingdoms 1
Publisher: HMH Books for Young Readers
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult, Action
ISBN-13: 978-0544664456

I got the book from Netgalley, because the cover looked cool and attractive, yet shows no hint about the story.

All Britta Flannery wanted was to survive

Daughter of the legendary bounty hunter Saul Flannery, Britta’s life too a turn when her father was murdered. Ever the Hunted starts when Britta was caught poaching and was threatened to hang for treason. That was a good hook to draw readers in to read further. Britta was soon given an option between death and tracking down a criminal, except the criminal is no other than her best friend Cohen Mackay.

That is when things start to plateau a little, the pace slowed down dramatically, even for a young adult story. There is constant speculation about Cohen’s behavior, and Britta’s memories are making it hard for her to stay focused. For experienced readers, you will have no doubt where this story is going.

Characters are not well fleshed out, Britta constantly thinks about Cohen, her dad, and her recent experiences. Cohen is a mystery, not showing his card readily. Other characters in the book has some set personality, but not much interaction. So while I like Britta as a heroine, it is hard to have strong feelings for the seventeen year old, who is not entirely sure of herself.Not my favorite point is the tiny cliffhanger at the end. I do know that this is a series, it is not surprising to see one. But I cannot help but roll my eyes, because it was so obvious.  Ever the Hunted is not bad, put into consideration that this is not aiming for people like me.

The Verdict

If you have a tween who likes fantasy adventures, then Ever the Hunted will be a good choice. There is mystery fit for a younger person, a lot of action, and a mystery. Plenty of things to talk about like friendship, family and what is it like to serve a King.

Yes, I will recommend this book, because it is suitable YA book for kids. If you are looking for something with more substance, might have to look elsewhere.

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