Evil Winds : Tradecraft Phase Two

Evil Winds: Tradecraft Phase Two

Evil Winds: Tradecraft Phase Two
Author: Michael Shusko
Genre: adult, action, military, survival
Series: Tradecraft 2
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First of all, I have read Vector (Phase Zero), and Shifting Sands before this instalment. Vector’s review is in the old blog, which has been shut down because I got too lazy. Evil Winds is different than the first two in many ways. First of all, I haven’t seen any correlation between the books yet, or maybe because I’m not paying attention? I have to admit that Shifting Sands was a while ago, so probably I would need to revisit them soon.

Then again, there are some shifty people at the end of the book in Evil Winds, so maybe the Tradecraft series is tied to the hidden villains and not the heroes of the story. So far, the heroic efforts are really making me happy.


Angie Bryant- news reporter who was sent to Darfur to do a scoop on war time journalism. To her, this is a make or break moment, fuelled by passion and the need to tell the world about the injustice. Angie is a smart and sassy ( I think you can say that?) girl, though I sometimes wonder if she knows when to back off.

Jason Russo- a doctor who belongs to a Non- Government Organisation, a guy who wants to do more than helping casualties of war. He is sick of patching up people, after something bad has happened. Jason wants to avoid bad things happening to good people, and this makes him a little desperate at times.


Main story is how these two decides to infiltrate into Western Sudan, get a scoop about how the Janjaweed soldiers are terrorising people there, and show it to the world. The start may be a little slow, but the pace quickens and when you rich the climax, it is like a roller-coaster ride with gun shots behind you. Not only these two are non- military trained, Angie and Jason have no help from those who actually could.

Must like the real world, Michael Shusko writes this fiction to serve as a reminder. We should be more aware of what is going on in war- torn areas. Just because it is peaceful on our doorstep, does not mean that someone is not suffering the effects of war. The details of Evil Wind is impressive, while I do not know much about weapons, this seems to have a good number of lethal ones. The Tradecraft series is for those who likes David and Goliath story. This series has some extra layers of hidden plot hidden in between pages, probably should read from Vector, because something big is coming.


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