Fable and Namesake: How her quest to return home becomes a self-discovery

Fable is the first book for the World of Narrows Series by Adrienne Young. The story starts with a young seventeen-year old girl dredging in the sea. In a way, it is the author’s way to introduce her to the readers while moving the story forward with a quiet determination. Right off the bat, you know that she is living on an island where carelessness will get you killed. Fable makes it to a ship called Marigold, where Captain West is waiting to trade her findings with money. Finally, she scrapes thought enough to buy passage out of Jeval, her jail for four years. Except everyone expects her to fail and wants her to fail.

Undaunted, Fable manages to convince Captain West to take her onboard.

Beginning of a Journey

To the horror of the crew, Captain allows Fable to board with conditions despite some protest, but no one would throw a person overboard. Soon, Fable manages to earn grudging approval by showing that she could be part of crew. She tries hard to hide the who her father is, while letting slip about her mother and bits of her history. You get to know the crew and their different abilities. But soon enough, you know that everyone has a dark past. Fable manages to get to Ceros, only to find that things have changed.

Book 2: Namesake

Book image from Amazon
Book image from Amazon

Notice that my copy of Namesake looks different, personally I like the look when they mesh the 2 books together. But oh well, I can’t choose covers from library now, can I? In Namesake, Fable enlists help from the crew of Marigold to a perilous location, all in the name of her mother’s legacy. The story takes a very interesting turn, revealing all the questions Fable has but her father never mentions.

Turns out, Fable’s mother is a special kind of girl: a gem sage. Someone who can find precious gems and identify their authenticity. Suddenly, her father is no longer the enemy, but a man who is very desperate to keep his daugther safe. The love Saint has for his wife makes him do crazy things, however you cannot deny the results. The ability is no a secret to the readers throughout the book, eventhough Fable keeps it under wraps as best as she can.

But in Namesake, she has to use the ability to risk everthing she loves being burned into ground.

She’s a survivor, a dredger and the daugther of a pirate lord. Now she’s also a grandaugther of some unhinged gemologist… Hopefully the four years in a cruel island of Jeval honed her instincts enough that she can get through all the challenges life throws at her.

Also, these are book 2 and 3 of the series!

I am shocked, as I am writing this post, turns out I missed book 1: Saint.

Dudes so good looking, no wonder she’s pretty. Anyway, you can tell by his eyes that this bastard is a “cruel to be kind” guy from the get go. I didn’t feel like I missed much, because bits and pieces might have filtered through. Perhaps things would not be so confusing if I did read it in order.

But overall, I still enjoyed the 2 books despite not having a full picture. Fable is pretty interesting as a character, and there are always plenty of action in the 2 books. Thoroughly enjoyed the desperation, the cunningness and the world-building. Sometimes you can even smell the sea from the pages (hehe).

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