The Fairy Boy of Calton Hill Review

Fairy Boy of Calton Hill
Author: Sean- Paul Thomas
Series: The Fairy Boy Chronicles Book 1
Genre: Fairy, Fantasy, adventure, YA

The Fairy Boy of Calton Hill has fairies!

I have read Sean- Paul Thomas before, he is the author of Old Man and The Princess. When I was asked to review this new book, I did not hesitate. Sean- Paul does have a skill of twisting stories and moving out of the box when he tells a story. The Fairy Boy is first of its series, with a semi- cliffhanging end.

First I got to meet Liam, the hero of the story. He has his troubles, he just lost his father, and his mother has trouble coping with the loss. The story sets in Scotland’s Edinburgh, near Calton Hill. The story has two point of views, the other belongs to G the fairy. This allows the reader to understand both worlds, and when the characters converge, there is a clearer picture.

G the fairy is an annoying creature (well, she’s annoying me). But I consider her the heroine of the story at this point, because she is incredibly brave and- or stupid. Of course it was her who broke the rule, or else this story will be boring.

The characters are convincing, though I hope as the series goes there will be some growth. Liam is a guy who does not rush head long into trouble, but he is far from being a coward, while G is an impulsive fairy with a big heart. Together, things will be fun and dangerous


The Fairy Boy from Calton is a great start to a series, where Liam finds out about fairies and magic! Share on X

This book is easy to read, being a young adult genre. I think tweens might like this book, because kids can relate to big bullies and wishing to be a hero. The Fairy Boy of Calton Hill is a book that inspires people to be brave and open- minded, and I cannot wait to see what happens in the second book.

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  1. This sounds super cute Ailyn. I’m a big fan of YA fantasy adventure and I’m always keen on books not set in the US, like most YA unfortunately. Will be sure to grab a copy. Wonderful review sweetheart! <3

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