Family Feud takes you for a wild ride until the end

I got the advanced reader’s copy for Family Feud from author Daniel Kowalski in exchange for a fair review. The synopsis got to me: who would want to kidnap a supermom who had no enemies?

When my phone turned to power saver mode, I thought the cover looked cooler

What do you think?

Family Feud started happy

All should be good and happy when Kelly was found, that’s what Joe thought. But as readers, Chapter One was the start of a mystery and ‘what they want from her’.

It is clear her captors released her for a reason. But we are not sure why they kept her for two weeks and no ransom. This juicy mystery is worth staying for.

Joe was initially relieved to have his wife back until Kelly displays signs of posttraumatic stress disorder and was having trouble coping. At his mother Faye’s suggestion, Joe moved the family to Finger Lakes.

Trouble Brews

Joe’s family moved to his cousin’s house in Finger Lakes, and the house almost had everything an ex-military security expert would want. While it was fun seeing how Joe got to work, it was soon apparent that no amount of preparation would be enough.

Kelly’s secret soon gets out of hand. Joe soon finds out about her past life before they got married. Their relationship soon on the rocks due to Kelly’s reluctance to be honest from the start.

Soon trouble comes knocking at their door, and Joe had some decisions to make.


Family Feud is fast-paced, so do not expect to breathe easy. Joe is an experienced security guy with a dedication to protect his own. Perhaps the villains should have done some homework. Overall, it is for the thriller buffs who likes a good chase.

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