Using a Screw as Mascara Wand

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Fooling Around with a Screw

This is a stupid trial, I mean, why would anyone want to use a screw as a mascara wand right?

But as I was watching this Youtube video reviewing this Hourglass Curator Lash Instrument and she commented on how much it looked like a long piece of screw. That is when this really dumb idea came to me: let’s try it. No I was not/ am not drunk when I attempted this. First of all, no alcohol in the house, husband kinda bans it because it’s bad for health *yadda yadda*

Secondly, I was really curious!

I am sure that the picture is not look very obvious, but the Youtube video had a close up, and it definitely looked like a long screw. This has nothing on it, you have to be the mascara separate. Guess how much this little thing cost?

$99.95 on Ebay! $114 in Mecca Australia, this is really a good incentive to try out right?

By the way, the review for the mascara was not that great, because it still clumps. I was not very impressed with the whole thing, but I just wanted to fool around with this here idea.

Did it Work?


The most ridiculous thing was not applying the mascara screw on my lashes, it’s dipping the screw in my mascara. For hygiene purposes, I sprayed it liberally with isopropyl alcohol, and I used a clean screw. Dipping it in a mascara that I have was not easy: not long enough. So I had resorted to painting the mascara on the screw and apply it. This is kinda impressive, because you can see that the lashes are indeed longer.

Not only that, I will admit that it was a lot easier to apply. My lashes are short and stubby, hence I could actually coat each lash individually with mascara was kinda awesome. I didn’t try by bottom lash, because it had dried out by then. IT DID WORK!


Stupid, yes. But surprisingly, I find myself wanting to get a longer and skinnier screw. Although I might have to warn you guys. the Curator has been specifically designed and cut to be a mascara wand. A screw will never ever be good enough. While my experiment yielded happy results for me, please understand that this is just for fun and not a great way to apply mascara. So please do not misunderstand this post and use a screw as a mascara.

Just laugh and like =)


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