The Four Legendary Kingdoms Review

The Four Legendary Kingdoms
Author: Matthew Reilly
Genre: thriller, action
Series: Jack West Jr
ISBN: 978-1409167129

To the cover illustrator, why did you do such a bad job?? May be read the book before drawing hmm? That is so not Jack West Jr. First of all, pretty sure you drew both hands the same, they are not.

The Four Legendary Kingdoms nice covers

Australian cover + a heart breaker

I was recommended this author when I first arrived in Australia, that is eleven years ago now. The only book that I did not read is the Hover Car Racer, because I am not a fan of cars and it did not feature any of his heroes then. Jack West is a later hero that Matthew Reilly introduced, before then I was reading Shane Schofield.

It is not really a spoiler, because fans had been asking the author to put the two heroes together. I always envisioned a co-op scene, but never one like this. My heart just broke when I actually realized what was happening. Sure there were hints, I just refused to believe them.

The Four Legendary Kingdoms is almost like a rewrite, Reilly used the Twelve Labors of Hercules to draw up this magnificent, fast paced book that could stop hearts. As an author, he could create any world he wanted, and he created Hell, nice. We have a new Hercules, except he doesn’t have a club, only a titanium hand.

Through it all, this is actually a first book of a different series. Be warned, once you read this you will be pining for the next book. Because it not only uses classical stories, he also introduced end of the world.¬†Basically the theme is: “if you do not do heroic deeds, the world will end.”

That guy didn’t even stand a chance, if I had pompoms I would be cheering him on. As usual, his team of family members are ready to help him save the world from burning into cinders. Hope his new friend will be in the next one too.


This is too hard to recommend, mainly because you have to start with Seven Deadly Wonders, and we are at Four Legendary Kingdoms now. See where we are at? Although he put it as a three part series, it would make more sense to start from there instead of this book.

If you start from Seven,  you will know who is who, and why things happen the way they do. I promise you that this series will be addictive to people who like fast paced action with a lot of things blowing up. Seriously, every chapter something blows up. My only gripe with the author is his overuse of exclamation marks.

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If you are not sure about this writer and would like to read something of his without much commitment, try Great Zoo of China.

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