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The Fragments by Toni Jordan


The Fragment
Author: Toni Jordan
Genre: Mystery fiction
Publication date: Sept 2019
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The Fragments starts…

In today’s time, where Cadence Walker meets a mysterious lady who had quoted Inga Karlson’s work when she was in Brisbane. Inga Karlson is apparently a great author who died in a fire, together with what supposed to be her best work. By the way, I searched for that name, and it only came up with the book’s name.

Only because someone uttered a full sentence before Caddie, in a bus stop no less, this triggered an all out search for the truth. It is amazing how determination can get you somewhere: a finished book, or an answer to a question so long buried.

It swaps between…

Caddie and Rachel Lehrer, a farm girl who initially have appears to be not related with the book whatsoever. I was hoping that Rachel was Inga Karlson, like maybe Inga was her pseudonym. But Rachel’s role in the book does not come in until much later.¬†Eventually, as the mystery unravels and we get answers, that we see how Rachel becomes part of the story. While the two characters and time lines swap, we realise that being a girl is tough, no matter which century you are in. It is as if feminism did not do much for females in aside from voting rights. We are still experiencing pay differences and discrimination at work.

Two smart women, each have their obstacles in life, and somehow managed to claw their way to where they want to be. The Fragments is about the death of Inga Karlson, and how determination allows the mystery to have an answer. Caddie Walker shows that we can achieve something if we put our heart and soul to it. Even though she comes across a lot of problems, from a dodgy professor to some one who refuses to answer questions. Preservation does have its results in a fictional book.


The Fragments is slightly slow in pace, at times I struggled to keep my attention to it. For a mystery genre, it is lacking in that department. It might be a good piece of literary writing, and I can say that it is quite elegant in terms of style, but I cannot say that it is that exciting or engaging that I will reread it again and again.

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