Freeze 24/7 IceCream Double Scoop Moisturizer Review


Freeze 24/7 IceCream Double Scoop Intensive Anti-Aging Moisturizer

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What does it have?

Freeze 24/7 IceCream Double Scoop has tea leaf and Gynostemma Pentaphyllum extract, rice brans and shea butter for moisturizing properties. It also has parabens, so if you are looking for paraben free stuffs I’m sorry this is not it. You can find the full list on site or other places, one of the main attraction is their patented Hibiscus protein.

It boasts to deliver intense hydration to the skin while toning it up to reduce fine lines. It can protect skin from free radical damage and UV stress, so that your skin can be ageless as long as you use it. Don’t have to bathe in bloods of virgins, though I am more partial to dragon’s blood anyway. Comparing Dragon’s blood to this, I think this wins a little bit on the short term basis.

** I have been suffering from a bout of gastro, which also affected my 2 brats, hence I’m sorry about being absent. **

Jar and Box Look


Directions say use it twice a day, which is easy because the cream is pretty nice to use. Even though the name is Icecream double scoop, this actually does not come with a spatula, and the contents is not that much when you look closely. I haven’t put this in the fridge, though it would be nice if my fridge is not a lot of steps away from my bathroom. Contrary to the name, this cream does not have a cooling feeling after application.

Misleading name? It is quite a catch name right! Freeze 24/7 is the brand, so IceCream Double Scoop is like a great gimmick to draw your attention. Not to mention the read box with snow flakes =d

Oh yes, I got sucked it.


I should have put the after photo at the bottom, but I am sure you can guess by the appearance of uneven forehead wrinkles that this is a before/ after photo right? The result is just after a minute or so, rub it in and wait. Sadly, the effect does not last as long as 24/7, probably a few good hours. No, not even 12 hours sad to say.

But hey, you can see the difference for a moment. I guess we can hold up some hope for anti- wrinkle creams after all.

If you are trying out the brand, their eye cream is pretty good for the cost of it.

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6 thoughts on “Freeze 24/7 IceCream Double Scoop Moisturizer Review

  1. I thought ooooooh, it must smell like ice cream. Nope. Does it cool the skin? Nope. It really has nothing to do with ice cream which is really disappointing sadly. At least put it in a little pot that looks like an ice cream tub. How did it feel after a few hours on your skin, it gives it a nice dewy glow but wondering if it felt a little greasy on the skin after a while.

    1. nah, the fragrance is little, and it’s not cooling after application (sorry to disappoint) yeah the irony right?
      it absorbs well enough but no greasy feeling after that, in summer too so that’s a bonus for me

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