Garnier Fructis Wonder Mask & Lancome Cils Booster XL

Garnier Hair Care Fructis Wonder Mask Coconut Oil


This is the Wonder Mask with Coconut Oil

You can buy it here, or in stores like I did. I got this from Woolsworth for AUD 2.50. The mask comes in this big pack, clearly written Step 1 and Step 2, so that you can’t get it wrong. The Step one has Coconut oil and its famous active fruit protein.

Step 2 is a care sealer, something that helps seal the nourishing mask in your hair, and apparently it lasts up to 4 washes. I will be honest, it’s summer and I go swimming. So it did not actually last 4 washes…

What Does it Have? Back of the Wonder MaskĀ IMG_20181028_185352853

I could read that it contains macadamia oil in the nourishing pack, as well as other more natural origin stuff. But the Care sealer contains mainly synthetic products to actually keep the good stuffs in the hair.

For AUd 2.50 (half price), I think that the deal is fair. Mainly it has an added step, most hair mask is a leave on and rinse type. I was hesitant because it needs three minutes to work, but since it’s summer I could at least stay out for that amount of time without getting cold, that was the only reason.

But does the Fructis Wonder Mask work?

I think it does, mainly because my hair was so soft and fluffy without bits flying around. The coconut oil does wonders for my hair, you can actually smell the distinctive coconut smell when you open the pouch. Overall, it lasts maybe two washes, but I did go for a swim, which is impressive in my opinion. Chlorine really gets to things right?

Should have bought more >.<

Lancome Cils Booster


I got this Lancome Cils Booster XL from work too, you can get it from Amazon if you want to. I got this travel pack size because full size was not available. The claims on the package sounds impressive, so I was a little keen to try it. The formula has vitamin E and other vitamins to help grow as they prime.

I know it sounds too good to be true, but I still believed that it works.

How did Cils Booster go?


If you can see my lashes, I think it did well. My lashes have always been a problematic thing in my makeup routine, because they are stubborn stubby little things. Sometimes I use fake eye lashes because they are quicker and less work, well… most of the time.

Even if I do not curl my lashes, you can’t tell if I put on fake eyelashes, that’s how sad. Not to say that I am not happy with it, I just think that spending that much money on a primer … is not a good idea.

I can’t even remember how much I paid for it. But since I paid for it, I might as well finish using it, this is just a 4mL tube, so I assume it will be a few months.

Update on my life

It’s Nanowrimo! And I’m almost half way, sorry if I haven’t been commenting or updating my blog, because life really gets in the way.

After that would be going back home to Malaysia for Christmas, and hopefully I will have more time to blog.

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