Gift Ideas for Strangers in Your Life

Are Your Gifts Ready? Christmas is Coming!

This post is for everyone, because maybe you had just been in a new relationship, or met a new potential best friend.

And now you have no idea what to give as a Christmas present. A cup seems cheap,  you don’t know if the person is into the same thing as you are. Biggest problem would be finding something that is acceptable, right? Because you don’t want to appear lazy and inattentive.

I do have some gift ideas, for someone who likes stylish jewelry, because you cannot get enough of things that makes you look awesome You could go with the latest trend, but hopefully you know enough about the potential lifelong partner/ friend to pick a gift that screams them.

The gifts below are unisex, I had purposely picked Unisex items so you can use it either way. Unless you are stuck like me, because my husband does not wear jewelry. Not even our wedding ring. These are just ideas, hopefully it is slightly better than socks and jocks.

Of course, it is not a generic one fits fall kind of gift. That would be too impersonal. Best part of some of these presents: you can engrave words onto them. Imagine a watch that has the date you met on it, or a meaningful quote you love. It might be a boring list, but your present does not have to be.

Since me and my partner celebrates after Christmas (where the sales are), I don’t have to worry about getting him anything for now. Yes, we are bah humbugs!

Unisex Xmas Gifts


Animal jewelry
56 AUD –

West Coast Jewelry band ring
13 AUD –

Unisex watch
185 AUD –

Copper bangle
17 AUD –

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