Gilded – fantastical retelling of Rumpelstiltskin

Author: Marissa Meyer
Series: Rumpelstiltskin #1
Genre: Fanstasy Retelling
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Gilded is a new series

Remember the Lunar Chronicles?
If you are interested in a more science fiction retalling of your favorite fairy tale, definitely try this series

We have Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Rapunzel and Snow White…

Mainly because Gilded is a new book in the series that is not part of Lunar Chronicles, it will help you get a feel of Marissa Meyer’s writing style without having to needing to tear your hair out waiting for next book.

The name of the poor girl is Serilda, blessed by God of Stories, though the narrator thinks that it is the curse from God of Lies.


The story starts during the Snow Moon, a full moon where things run wild. It is also dead. Out of kindness, Serilda saved some forest creatures and faced the wrath of the Alder King and his hunt. While she saved her skin during the first meeting, Serilda sealed her fate when she admitted to have a gift from Goddess Hulda to spin straw into gold.

This part of the story is pretty much predictable: Serilda has to spin straw into gold for the Erlking. There she meets a boy without a name, who does not have a memory of his past. But this boy could actually spin straw into gold, calling himself Gild.


When Serilda tells a story, it is in italics. Hence the story has two viewpoints, one at present as Serilda’s story, another is the past in form of stories. Of course, if it is a real story or the one she makes up we do not know.

As the Serilda’s web of lies and deceit spin further out of control, the Alder King’s intentions are made known and it is not pleasant. She finds some answers, but in turn she has more questions. If you have been reading, then you could probably guess some of it.

But with Marissa Meyer, there’s always a twist and I am waiting for it…


A great beginning to a special retelling, though I hope that it is just a duology. If it is a trilogy I’d cry, because it’s getting interesting!

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