Good Things 5 Minute Facial Mask Review

Good Things 5 Minute Facial Mask

What it supposed to have: avocado and goji berry. It is free from supposed problem ingredients such as parabens and SLS. This brand is a UK brand, I have used their day cream before. Notice that the tube is grimy at the top, because the tube burst. I had to turn this face mask into a body mask in the end. It was a $10 well spent I guess, better than it going to waste.

A little update on my game- Kingdom Come: Deliverance

I am not a very skillful gamer, I admit that much, but this game is not only unforgiving, it is also really brutal. I have died like 10 times in the initial stage because my horse refused to cooperate. Then for some odd reason I keep getting shot at, because the of the said horse refusing to gallop when I tell it to. Hence, if you want to play this game, you would have to know your way around the keyboards really well, or use a game console.

Is Good Things good?

For starters, this is still better than the L’Oreal Clay Mask I got the other day. If I have to pick, is the perfume in this mask, which does nothing actually. Other than that, I think this is not a bad mask to have. It does have blueberry and willow as well. Shea butter gives the skin a little more moisturising element with the avocado. Spreading the whole tube onto my body was a good idea, this whole thing managed easily.

If it weren’t for the broken tube, I would have used it for a few more times. It is a pity but at least I didn’t waste the whole thing right?


Good Things 5 Minute Facial Mask is acceptably good for the price that I paid for. I guess if you see it cheap like me, it is worth giving it a go. At least it is vegan friendly, as well as contains no petroleum products.

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